Frostpunk PC Download Free InstallShield

Frostpunk PC Download Free InstallShield

Frostpunk for PC Download is a combination of real-time strategy and city builder, enriched with clearly outlined survival elements (the creators even speak of the development of a new genre, called “society survival”). The Polish team of 11 bit studios is responsible for the production, which won the world fame thanks to the warmth of the Anomaly series games and the bestselling This War of Mine. The production was released exclusively on the PC platform. Frostpunk’s action takes place in an alternative version of the nineteenth century, in which a new ice age prevailed on Earth. A handful of survivors, over whom we take control, seek shelter near a steam heat generator – wanting to maintain the last bastion of humanity, the whole community must adapt to the new, cold reality.


Download Frostpunk for PC free InstallShield

Frostpunk DownloadThe gameplay in the Frostpunku PC released on the platform focuses on the area of ​​the heat generator, around which the settlement of the survivors is extended in concentric circles. In the course of the struggle, we not only build houses for residents, but also various industrial buildings, hospitals, nursing homes and kitchens. Although at the beginning we have only a handful of people, over time more people come to us, through which the village gradually turns into a great post-apocalyptic city. The gameplay is primarily about managing the community in such a way as to keep it alive at all costs. Often this requires the sacrifice of rights or even the lives of individuals for the common good; sometimes only in this way we provide the survivors with the chance to survive.

The driving force behind the game is undertaking morally ambiguous decisions, implemented in the form of passing subsequent rights. For example, we can send not only adults but also children to work, organize the funerals of accident victims (and thus waste precious time) or rummage them in mass graves, or even drastically increase the amount of working time. However, one should remember the indicators of bitterness and hope, presenting how our charges find themselves in a new situation; the key to success is balancing moods so as not to escalate the dissatisfaction of the population, which may lead to rebellion and, as a result, overthrow the poor manager and end the game. During the game, we spend a lot of time on the screen presenting an extensive tree of rights for residents, which contains mutually exclusive solutions to significant problems; using each of them brings with it such positive and negative effects, the impact of which we can feel even long after their adoption.

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However, this is not the end, because over time our possibilities begin to grow – after building a workshop, we get access to new technologies, the discovery of which can make life easier for the residents, but also create additional problems. Investing in a navigation balloon will indicate to other survivors a place where they can find a new home, while the development of so-called automatons (ie steam driven robots that can work almost without a break) will significantly relieve employees. But more people in the settlement are also potential worries (after all someone has to take care of them), while machine failures can lead to serious accidents. It is also important to explore the ice-cold world – sending scouts is associated with a high risk, because scavengers sent to cold wastes can encounter deadly security, but this is the only way to discover, for example, additional deposits of priceless coal.


CPU: 3.2 GHz Quad Core Processor
OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
GPU: GeForce GTX 970, Radeon RX 580 or equivalent with 4GB of video RAM

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