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Just Dance 2021 PC Free Download

Just Dance 2021 Just Dance 2021 is the next installment in a series of dance games known for more than a decade, in which we'll have fun performing choreographies to the rhythm of songs by well-known performers. The production was developed and published by the French company Ubisoft. The graphic design of Just Dance 2021 has not changed compared to the previous editions. We have a colorful but clear interface and video footage with real dancers whose movements we recreate in the real world. Just Dance 2021 Download for PC The gameplay in Just Dance 2021 hasn't changed much from the previous installments of the series. We choose one of the available songs, pay attention to the instructions on the screen and try to perform the corresponding movements. The better we do, the more points we get (getting the best possible score is the main goal of the game). Player movements are tracked with a dedicated smartphone application.

Just Dance 2021 PC Download

It is worth noting that the production can "learn" the player's tastes - it collects data on which songs we like the most and, based on this, creates personal playlists and displays other songs that may be of interest to us. The title also offers an optional Just Dance Unlimited subscription service in which we will find over five hundred additional songs (more are constantly being added). With the single player mode, Just Dance 2021 also offers the opportunity to take part in dance duels with friends and players from all over the world (the so-called World Dance Floor) or to have fun in co-op mode. For children, a special kids mode has been prepared with appropriately adapted requirements. We also have the so-called Sweat Mode, a module whose goal is to squeeze a sweat out of the player. For the needs of the latest version, a new Quickplay mode has also been prepared, which will allow you to play quickly without making unnecessary combinations.

Just Dance 2021 PC Free Download
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Just Dance 2021 PC

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OS: Windows 7 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i5-750 2.66GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 5850 1024MB or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460
HDD: 15 GB
DirectX 11 Compatible Graphics Card

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Just Dance 2021 is based on very simple mechanics. We have to imitate the movements shown by the dancers on the screen or follow the instructions on the pictogram at the right moment. For fun, we will use either the Joy-Con (remember about the safety strap - it is especially useful when you lose yourself in dancing!) Or a smartphone with an appropriate application that turns our device into a controller. Unfortunately, at the very beginning we have to decide whether we only play with Nintendo controllers or phones.

Just Dance 2021 Bright, distinctive white silhouettes appearing in the songs like characters from music videos are dancers in various costumes (even animals; those familiar with the series will surely know the cute, black and white panda bear, in a way already the mascot of the game). Each of them has a colored glove on the right hand, indicating how we should hold the controller. By making moves at the right moment, the game will judge whether the action was correctly performed by taking notes. Just Dance 2021 However, it is worth mentioning that on the Switch we do not have to try hard to achieve the highest score; Although the movement may be inaccurate, the most important thing is the position of the right hand with the controller, because it determines our results. In fact, we can even sit on the armchair and focus on moving the Joy-Con.

Just Dance 2021 As in the previous parts, we have a special mode dedicated to kids. It is distinguished by a much easier and simplified gameplay, in which there are simple choreographies and simple movements to be made. Looking at the previous version of the game, in Just Dance 2021 we have almost identical functionalities and interface design. We will find a cooperative mode that will allow you to collect points needed for the maximum number of stars, "Sweat mode", measuring the approximate amount of calories burned or collectible items such as stickers, avatars, skins or aliases obtained by completing challenges or opening capsules that can be purchased for Mojo points. We get this currency by completing daily tasks or completing songs.

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