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Metro Exodus Download In the game we return to the post-apocalyptic future where human civilization was destroyed by global nuclear war. Again we play the kind of Artyom known from previous parts. Together with a group of survivors, he must leave the tunnels of the Moscow subway and set off across the devastated world in search of a new home. This time, the campaign tells a story that lasts for a whole year, during which we can see how the next few seasons will change the look of the world. The series is known for its excellent graphics and Metro Exodus continues this proud tradition. The game impresses with its graphic design that offers a high level of detail, which makes it all the more impressive that the maps are incomparably larger than in the previous installments in the series. Metro Exodus Download for PC Released for PC, PS4 and XONE platforms, Exodus is a development of ideas from the previous two games. Again, we get a first-person shooter that's all about exploration, fighting, and stealing. This time, however, most of the campaign takes place on the surface, on large non-linear maps, giving us much more tactical freedom than locations in previous scenes. The more Sandboks gameplay isn't the only change compared to previous scenes. We now travel between the maps aboard the Aurora, a converted steam engine locomotive. In addition, the authors introduced dynamic weather and day-night cycles. The story itself is also non-linear to some extent. The player's decisions and actions affect who survives the journey and who is unable to reach the new home with Artyom.

Metro Exodus PC Download

The novelty is a physical map with a marked mission objective and an arrow rotating in an elegant circle, symbolizing our position and the direction in which we are looking. It's a great combination of tradition and modernity. On the back of the card you will find a brief description of the task that is currently being carried out. After the previous parts, Artem was also equipped with a lighter, binoculars and a Geiger counter. Crossing the pool makes it very easy to take a free dip. At this point, the first objection must be raised - Artyom has nowhere to dip himself on the ankle. Every time the thin water line is crossed, boredom falls again and again into an abyss and desperately scatters to the surface. An undoubted advantage is certainly the mood and climate. The game impresses with its characteristic atmosphere and constantly evokes fear. Every element of the landscape seems to say this is not a sightseeing tour. We still feel in a very unfriendly environment. We are carrying out a specific mission, but in the back of our minds we feel a desire to return to our companions, safe camp, and fire heat. Associations with the Stalker series are perfect. After a little exploration we find a boat and for the first time in the series we even get to paddle. During the cruise we receive a message from Anna - the mother and child are on the roof of a nearby church. how was she there water all around. We can of course ignore the dramatic call for help and move on, but who doesn't want to be a hero?

Metro Exodus PC Download Free
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Metro Exodus PC

Game Producer:
4A Games
Game publisher:
Deep Silver
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CPU: Core i7-6700K 4-Core 4.0GHz / Ryzen R5 1600
GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 / Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB
HDD: 50 GB

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Metro Exodus is a great adventure, although its final reception may differ dramatically depending on how well we know the universe - whether based on games or books by Dimitri Głuchowski. However, people who do not know the history at all should be calm - this is not a necessary requirement. In turn, veterans may take a long time to start having fun. The plot was set after the events of the book Metro 2035.

Metro Exodus Again we play the role of Artyom, who is also a silent hero this time. The solution could be said to be archaic, nowadays quite rare in video games, and in the long run it can be a bit irritating, especially during scenes and dialogues. During the great journey by Aurora train, we are accompanied by, among others, Młynarz and his daughter - and at the same time Artem's wife - Anna. However, this is not all. The multitude of characters, along with the development of the plot, can make you dizzy at times.

Metro Exodus The story focuses on traversing the Russian wastelands created after the nuclear war. We set off in search of sources of radio signals. However, we cannot reveal more details, as this could spoil the joy of discovering the story on your own. However, it should be clearly emphasized that the plot is a very strong point of Metro Exodus. Twists and turns, Hollywood scenes at times draw you to the screen, although they do not dominate the entire story. It is full of situations that force you to reflect and slow down the pace.

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