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Outlast 2 PC Download

Outlast 2 Download - is a survival horror game played from a first-person perspective. The game was developed by a studio Red Barrels, which is the same team that was responsible for the first part of the series. The authors decided not to continue the story directly from the previous section. Let's not go back to the possessed The insane asylum deformed by mysterious psychopaths is located in the mountains of the US state of Colorado. Instead, the action is set in a new position and the script tells the story from new characters. Outlast 2 retains the basic mechanics of the original game. Again, we observe first-person perspective events and guided us through the form is not equipped with combat abilities. Above all, survival requires avoiding enemy detection. Such skradankowe approach works not always proves to be effective, and often need to flee to be what helps the Parkour system.

Outlast 2 Download

Outlast turned out to be such a profitable project that the Red Barrels developers decided to continue the series, based on similar mechanical solutions to the first part. Powered Unreal Engine version 3.5 "two" uses the assetów predecessors related to move, so the above paragraph can be attributed to the work of craftable with success. Taken to question Philippe Morin, one of the founders of the studio, he only revealed that the foundation decided to write all the scripts management artificial intelligence, which - hopefully - will actually see after the premiere. Because now on the Internet filmikach demo version we can see how the cultists are combing the corn field in search of a journalist hiding place. Outlast 2 is a successful sequel, but also conservative in terms of gameplay formula. However, it will definitely not bother fans of the first part and those who appreciate the traditional style of FPP horror movies. The assumptions are similar to the original, so fans will feel right at home, albeit different and bigger, of course. The environment changes, but the basics are still exploring locations, sneaking, hiding and breaking through, looking for a way out or finding an item and avoiding enemies.

Outlast 2 PC Download
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Outlast 2 PC

Game Producer:
Red Barrels
Game publisher:
Red Barrels
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CPU: Celeron E1500 Dual-Core 2.2GHz / Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4800+
GPU: GeForce 9800 GTX / Radeon HD 3870
OS: Win Xp 32
Direct X: DX 9

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The true camera returns in Outlast 2. It is thanks to her - and the night vision mode - that we can see in the dark, where we spend a lot of time. However, it is worth manipulating the display mode to save the batteries, which we have to replace from time to time. The batteries are also consumed by the additional function of the sensitive distance microphone, thanks to which we can better determine the position of the opponent behind a building. Perhaps the biggest problem of the game is the reluctance to innovate in terms of mechanics, namely - to introduce even the simplest combat system with makeshift weapons: sticks, planks or even stones.

Outlast 2 It seems like horrors with helpless heroes should evolve. The ability to fight does not make the adventure any less terrible. After all, we are never really afraid of death. Moreover, in most of these games, enemies do not arouse fear after 2-3 hours. They only become walking obstacles. The advantage of titles such as Resident Evil 7 and The Evil Within is that these obstacles can be eliminated. Anyway, in the case of Outlast 2, it is difficult to understand why the hero would not have to grab any item to defend himself against his opponents. Such behavior would be quite natural in his position. The creators, however, wanted to remain faithful to the original - or simply the engine did not allow for the development of an intuitive and refined combat system.

Outlast 2 The oversights in the game, however, undoubtedly make up for the atmosphere and history. The creators had no inhibitions. If someone thinks the first Outlast has reached the limits of gore and horror, they will quickly change their mind after playing the sequel. The themes of religion, sects and the fight against the Antichrist gave the designers the field to show off. After a long session, we just want to get a fresh air or even take a cold shower. This is not a game for the squeamish. On the other hand, horrible images have greeted us practically from the beginning. Already during the first hour we see such things that later we are as if slightly anesthetized to the deformed corpse, piles of limbs or torture scenes. At times you can get the impression that the creators have exaggerated a bit, although everything fits specific fragments.

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