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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PC Download Free

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Another annual hit from the popular Konami football series. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is the evolution of ideas used in the previous part of the cycle. The new system Real Touch +, responsible for controlling the ball by the players, takes into account other parts of the body, so on the pitch we can see a varied animation on delivery, główkowaniu, dribbling, etc. Another important change is the slowing down of the pace of the game is what makes the fun a little more realistic. List of new strategic adds the introduction of dribbling, giving more opportunities to control the ball and improved set plays. In addition to the classic gameplay modes, PES 2018 and we lived enriched with new features mode random selection game return, as well as network co-op for two or three people. The whole is embellished with a much better visual setting than its predecessor, so the versions on different hardware platforms don't differ from each other in such a diametrical way. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Download for PC In recent years, Konami has released PC versions of Pro Evolution Soccer that are neither Xbox 360 nor PlayStation 3, nor what is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360 users is. Instead, most of the gameplay elements were delivered from the newer hardware and graphics that were closer to previous genes. The Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 breaks this strange trend, offering a PC-like experience and technology very similar to what we're dealing with the latest devices from Sony and Microsoft. In addition, the PS4 and XOne versions of the game received the FC Barcelona edition, which includes agents (e.g. myClub) and virtual currency.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PC Download

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 for Windows PC platform is an extension of the ideas of the previous version. Konami developers introduced Real Touch + which controls the ball from players. Although it was available before, the system takes into account many parts of the players' bodies, so different animations on receiving, hitting, dribbling, etc. can be seen on the playground. Another improvement is changing the pace of the game. It was a bit slow to make the game more realistic. In addition, we saw strategic dribbling, allowing for more control of the ball and improved fixed play (free throws and penalties). Aside from the classic game modes, like running a selected team throughout the season, there were also some new features. We have been waiting for a network cooperation for two and three people. He also returned the random pick match which included new features. The fun part is pointing out multiple teams, from which players are then randomly selected for our mixed team. There are no changes in Master League mode either - pre-season tournaments or more transfer moves.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PC Download Free
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PC

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CPU: Intel Core i5-3450(3.10GHz)/AMD FX 4100(3.60GHz)
OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 SP1(64bit)
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 650/AMD Radeon HD 7750
HDD: 30 GB

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 When the current generation of consoles appeared, PES switched to a new graphics engine, borrowed from Metal Gear Solid V. Thanks to this, we received many significant changes in the gameplay, and each successive installment of the Japanese series is a gradual evolution. Every year, Konami polishes and adds new elements. As a result, PES 2018 makes a really great impression. Visually, this year's part looks flawless. Nice stadiums, great animation of footballers' movements or photorealistic faces of stars. Lighting has been improved, which can be seen especially in stadiums and reruns. We are also happy that the visual setting of the PC version does not differ from the edition dedicated to PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 The presentation of the matches has also improved. You can see the players standing in the tunnels talking to each other, many new animations have been added to make the matches similar to what we see on TV. Nevertheless, while a first step in the right direction has been made, there is still room for improvement. Competitive FIFA is still ahead of PES in this aspect. The issue of repetitions is similar, and they have also been made more attractive to some extent. The part is very effective and shows the past action in a dynamic way. Unfortunately, however, most of them are boring and unimaginative videos shown from distant cameras. Although a step in the right direction has been made, the EA production is doing better here again.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 The available game modes have not changed significantly. The core of the game is the online myClub mode, which is deceptively similar to the competitive FIFA Ultimate Team. The mode consists in leading your own, beginner team in the next ten-game seasons. Through the matches played - both with a living opponent and with artificial intelligence - we build an increasingly stronger team and strengthen the chemistry between players. This in turn results in better results and promotion to higher leagues. We buy new players for points collected in matches. During the transaction, one football player is drawn from among the white, silver, gold and black balls symbolizing the footballer's class. It depends on the drawing whether we get Messi or a typical league average. The mode itself has not been given more powers, but the scouting system has been expanded and the cooperation option has been added.

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