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Resident Evil Zero HD PC Download

Resident Evil Zero HD The prequel plot takes place before the events shown in the first residencia. Kelly Chambers is the youngest of the entire elite team S.T.A.R.S., sent on a mission to Raccoon City to see what was there to zadziało. Your helicopter, however, never reaches the place - as a result of getting an emergency landing in the middle of the forest, near the railway, which is rampant zombies and other abominations. There Rebbecca meets Billy Coen, an escaped convict who was initially concerned about suspicion, but eventually agreed to cooperate. Although the scenario is obvious, it's terribly far-fetched. Is the game getting old? Definitely yes. Feel that kid another time, and not just about the fact that there's nothing frightening in it. Well, except for the pace of the game, which is actually a shockingly slow one. First of all weak that the characters still move at a snail's pace like that, but hey - at least now a much better look. Capcom swapped character models and tweaked them, now at least they look decent. 18 year old Rebbecca and male, tattooed Billy looks really good. But the magic is a bit broken when the screen gives the pre-rendered cutscenes that look artificial a bit color fails. Although we must admit that the cutscenes rendered in real time now looks much, much better than the original.

Resident Evil Zero HD PC Download

Apart from some disadvantages, however, the visual creator has coped with it very well so far. The quality of the textures is significantly improved and thanks to 1080p on Xbox One and PS4 the environment looks very nice with a large number of details. As much as sometimes you have to stop and look around because you can easily see that in tweaking, the site has gone a long time. For perfect audio, too, I can't fault it because tweaked ambient sounds do their own building a brick adding a dark vibe. But what was the music, that is - a bit cheesy, which perfectly suits the naive, not very exciting story. The focus on something else - improved lighting, introduced dynamic shading, and all together had built a certain atmosphere. Because although a little scary is not able to preserve the atmosphere of the original version, while introducing a lot of improvements. Optional aspect ratio of 16: 9 is very suitable, not in any way impeding the game, and the owners of PCs can change the setting to 60 frames per second. But to have the consoles of "luxury" is not. Our equipment is not too much space, and each of the characters has the same slots, so practically constantly need to combine resource management. In this ink also, by means of which you save the game, so you can use it wisely. And don't just once, don't find twice that something you have to give up; especially that the gun is too little. But all in all it's not a big problem, because everywhere we can leave the selected elements, and then go back to them because they are automatically marked on the map. A companion is also often very practical, because you can switch between Rebbecca and Billy at any time. Not once will help us in solving the puzzle, but not only - everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Billy is definitely stronger, and Rebbecca unlike it is able to mix herbs and healing mix. And just as in remasterze "Ones" and this time we get a new, more convenient control system, which definitely deserves a plus. We can still use the old one though.

Resident Evil Zero HD PC Download
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Resident Evil Zero HD PC

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CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.7 Ghz or better, AMD Phenom II X4 3 Ghz or better
OS: Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or better, ATI Radeon HD6950 or better
HDD: 23 GB

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Resident Evil Zero HD The action takes place the day before the events of Resident Evil, presents another side of the incident in Racoon City. We get to know the fate of a member of the Bravo unit, whose crashed helicopter we see at the beginning of the adventure in the first part. Survivors begin investigating murders in the area. We direct the actions of two heroes connected by the need to defend themselves against the ubiquitous threat: hungry zombies. Young adept Rebecca Chambers and fugitive convict Billy Coen - an unusual couple must work together to survive.

Resident Evil Zero HD It might seem that after so many years Zero will not survive the test of time and only die-hard fans of the series will appreciate the remaster. However, it turns out that Rebecca and Billy's adventures successfully evoke anxiety and terror. The creatures that come out from behind the frame, the sounds of the environment and other surprises effectively raise the pressure. Not all old solutions work today. Managing the equipment divided into two heroes is tedious. Traces of archaic character control remained visible only when measuring with firearms. The movement itself has been improved so that the hero is moving towards the deflection of the controller knob, which is fun.

Resident Evil Zero HD Rebecca and Billy make their way through the spooky train, Umbrella research facility and several other locations, most of the time staying close together. The player decides which character he controls at the moment and which he hands over to the computer. Rebecca can mix healing plants, and Billy is stronger and can move heavy objects. The dynamics between the characters is noticeable. Resident Evil Zero is still exciting after many years. Difficult puzzles, puzzles between heroes, a limited number of saves and monsters returning to previously visited places are just a few features that will not expire. The tension is effectively graded by music and audiovisual setting. Smoothing the surrounding textures, although minimal, significantly improves the perception of the world. Each location evokes anxiety, and the tension dosed thanks to appropriate music reminds you of the impending danger. It is delicious.

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