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Sniper Elite 5 PC Download Free

Sniper Elite 5 takes place in France in 1944. The main character is again Karl Fairburne, who is sent to the coast of Brittany in order to weaken the Atlantic Wall, i.e. the German fortification system. During this mission, he uncovers a secret Nazi plan known as Operation Kraken that could lead to the ultimate defeat of the Allies.

Sniper Elite 5 is an action game that expands on the ideas from the previous installments of the series. So we get a series of missions, each of which takes place on a large map with an open structure. The player receives tasks to perform, but has a lot of freedom in choosing the methods of their implementation. The production allows you to eliminate enemies from long distances with a sniper rifle, frontal attacks, as well as a stealth approach, in which we try to avoid detection.

In Sniper Elite 5, the recognizable element of the series returns in the form of the so-called. killcam, i.e. a camera showing the damage that our bullets cause in the bodies of enemies. Compared to the previous installments, the realism of this mechanics has been increased even more. In addition, it is now activated for hits not only from sniper rifles, but also from other firearms and knife attacks. Sniper Elite 5 also offers improvements in the ballistics system and an extensive weapon modification system, allowing us to change many elements of each weapon, as well as use a large selection of ammunition types.

Sniper Elite 5 offers an extensive story campaign that can be completed alone or in co-op mode for two people. The latter option has been greatly improved compared to the previous part of the series, thanks to which players can share ammo and equipment, as well as heal each other. It is also possible to invade other people's sessions. In this variant, we play the role of a German sniper and hunt other players in their campaigns. Sniper Elite 5 also has more traditional multiplayer options. Classic PvP skirmishes are available, in which up to sixteen people compete simultaneously on one map. There is also a survival mode, where three people have to fight waves of increasingly stronger enemies.

Sniper Elite 5 PC Download

A typical scenario is that we land on a safe part of the map. Each of the missions has three goals: main tasks, optional tasks and killing one of the Nazi officers from the British SOE (Special Operations Executive) list. In Sniper Elite 5, I usually tried to do all of them, wanting to discover as much content as possible prepared by the English studio Rebellion.

What's nice, the player can complete them in any order. At the end of the mission, Sniper Elite 5 also evaluates the operation in terms of two criteria - the number of kills and stealth. Due to my inexperience with stealth, I was detected often, and in the hottest moments, I died in two-minute intervals. As soon as the Nazis spot a player, they concentrate all available forces on fire and try to trigger an alarm to alert the rest of the local units.

Sniper Elite 5 PC Download Free
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Sniper Elite 5 Free

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CPU: Intel CPU Core i3-8100 or equivalent
GPU: DirectX12 capable GPU with 4GB VRAM
OS: Windows 10
HDD: 85 GB

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However, before we go to the French fields, we should prepare for the game. Karl Fairburne can carry as many as three types of weapons - a sniper rifle, an SMG and a pistol. As the storyline and side quests progress, players will unlock more types of weapons and their modifications, allowing for easier elimination of targets. Each weapon has four stats: firepower, rate of fire, mobility, and handling. The title allows you to exchange sights, barrels, stocks, magazines. Even though I've never held a real weapon in my hand, I had a lot of fun modifying these stats.

Especially since its effects can be seen with the naked eye in the game. The weapon wheel also allows you to choose the type of ammo. Standard is usually too loud, so we usually look for the subsonic one. Again, this one is made for silenced weapons, so it's a good idea to mount one as well to be able to successfully sneak between the Nazis.

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