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SpellForce 3 The third installment of the game series in an interesting way combines elements of real-time strategy with computer RPG. The production has been entrusted to the German Grimlore Games subsidiary, which relies on the Nordic Games company, which includes experienced RTS writers (including Peter Ohlmann, co-founder of The Settlers II) and developers of the first two parts of the series. A single player campaign consists of a series of plot tasks. In addition to missions related to the main theme, the creators have prepared many side quests. In SpellForce 3 on PC there were also different multiplayer modes. In addition to military clashes, players can take their heroes to a joint underground rally or compete like in a MOBA production. SpellForce 3 Download for PC The plot of SpellForce 3 was set five hundred years before the plot of the first part of the series, before the fantastic Eo continent was torn into small continents connected by island portals. Thus, the player has an opportunity to follow the events that led to the tragic consequences of the rite of convocation, in which Krąg played an important role - the union of the thirteen most powerful magicians of all races. The main danger in this part of the series is the mysterious part of Arcane. SpellForce 3 on a PC is based on a proprietary graphics engine capable of creating a detailed world inhabited by entire virtual civilizations. Although locations are known from previous series hits, most areas of the Eo continent have been redesigned from the ground up. Particularly noteworthy are the large, crowded cities, where the heroes can receive dozens of medals.

SpellForce 3 PC Download

Following the tradition of the series, SpellForce 3 on PC cleverly combines the mechanics of RTS and RPG games. The player creates and develops his own character and can combine the acquaintance of his teammate with the progress made in the process. The hero development system is even more open than in previous installments, thanks in part to the departure from the classic division of classes. Instead, the creators have prepared a set of skills and specializations that can be chosen according to their needs. We can manage a maximum of four teams of heroes whose task is to solve puzzles, avoid traps and fight small groups of enemies. At such moments, the game resembles hack and slash productions. However, in most missions, sooner or later we take over the RTS board above our own camp - we build buildings, draw resources and hire troops that support the activities of heroes. This time the scale of the clashes is even greater (we can have up to 300 units under our command), so the soldiers do not resemble an armed gang, but a regular army, in which formations play a significant role. The course of the battle is also influenced by factors such as terrain, view range or reconnaissance. Setting the action before the events of one resulted in a different structure of the place - instead of separate areas that are connected, here we have one big continent. The maps, in turn, are divided into segments over which we gradually take control, while in order to get resources from a specific area we have to stick to our territory. This simplification in relation to the previous views is similar to the sector management mechanics of the Company of Heroes series.

SpellForce 3 PC Download Free
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Game Producer:
Grimlore Games
Game publisher:
THQ Nordic / Nordic Games
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CPU: Intel Core i5 3570, AMD FX-6350.
RAM: 6 GB.
OS: Windows 7, 8, Windows 10 (64 bit)
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB, AMD Radeon 7850 2GB.
HDD: 15 GB.

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SpellForce 3 Despite the three visible next to the title of the game, the events we have the pleasure to participate in are set up 500 years before the first part of the series, so we are dealing here with the canonical prequel of the entire brand, which introduces many important characters and explains the many intricate relationships between magic and the world of the planet Eo. The fictional journey that the developers give us will be very enjoyable for both those who are new to the whole series and purebred enthusiasts who know the "number one" like their own pocket.

SpellForce 3 We start the game here, a certain Tahar, son of Isamo Tahar, who once overthrew his father's evil rule. Now, unfortunately, we have got into a lot of trouble, because there is some strange conspiracy as a result of which we are removed from the kingdom as dangerous traitors. Of course, we manage to avoid the death penalty, escape from the twisted castle and continue to search for some answers to the most important questions that bother us. What is a bloody fever, who tries to kill us forever, why the races living in peace so far start to jump at their throats, and what is magic related to all of this?

SpellForce 3 Veterans of the series will have the opportunity to see the origins of cult characters such as Yria, Rohen Tahir, Gor or Isgrimm. The whole plot begins quite calmly, but the farther into the forest, the more things will happen and the heavier our fights for the fate of the world will be. Fortunately, there are still many people on Eo who are sympathetic to our hero and his companions, thanks to which we will often have the opportunity not only to lead our team of tough guys, but also entire armies.

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