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Stars in Shadow PC Download Free

Stars in Shadow Developed by independent studio Ashdar Games Space, turn-based strategy type 4X. In the game Stars in Shadows we provide the opportunity to create your own empire and lead it to interstellar supremacy. Our total was seven different factions created by the six intelligent races, each of which has its own story, unique path of development and pursued goal. Stars in Shadow Download for PC The game is based on iron pillars of the genre: exploration, expansion, exploitation and destruction, and the key to success is to ensure that all facilities of our forces through the extraction of raw materials, scientific research and building relationships with the other factions. Depending on the strategy used, the game also allows us to participate in turn-based battles in space or on planetary surfaces, and take part in them are a whole armada of ships, as well as infantry soldiers, vehicles and mechs.

Stars in Shadow PC Download

During the game, the player carefully manages his own empire, carrying it through the four stages of technological development. The key is to provide adequate facilities for all powers not only through extraction necessary to obtain their raw materials, but also through scientific research and interaction with other races. It is therefore possible to sign alliances, trade agreements and wage wars. It should be noted that without the influence of diplomacy are no historical skirmishes between some species, as well as sympathy, they can lend each other the other races. As the interstellar state proves necessary also colonization of new planets - through the conquest, or undergoing a process of terraforming habitable areas. Some of them can hide ancient artifacts, offering a great leap in civilization. Depending on the player's chosen strategy and conduct of his diplomacy, Stars in Shadows on a Windows PC lets you wage war on a cosmic scale. Like the entire game, clashes in a two-dimensional environment take place on the turn-based system. The battles in space over which we have direct control, in which the whole armada of ships exercise, while infantrymen can take part in the clashes on the surface, or much more devastating motor vehicles, such as mechs. After reaching a sufficiently high level of development it is even possible to use the work of powerful destroyers capable of crushing the entire planet. Certain facilitate the ability to command whole groups of people, as well as the ability to issue automatically conduct the battle - based on the statistics issued by the army of each conflicting party, the game calculates the result of the battle without player interference.

Stars in Shadow PC Download Free
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Stars in Shadow PC

Game Producer:
Ashdar Games
Game publisher:
Iceberg Interactive
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CPU: Intel Core 2.6 GHz or equivalent
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 8 Series or better

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Stars in Shadow is a 4X science fiction turn-based strategy game. Explore the stars, settle distant worlds and build an interstellar empire. Recover ancient technologies and negotiate with alien leaders. Created by a pair of passionate strategy players, Stars in Shadow features enhance empire management, sophisticated turn-based tactical combat, and detailed world-building. Starting with the dawn of interstellar travel, we are going through four epochs of technological advancement. Discover the science of planetary terraforming, upgrade your infantry battalions into combat mechs, and expand your fleet from a destroyer squadron to an armada of the planet destroying the Dread Stars.

Stars in Shadow 7 playable factions spanning six alien races. Each faction has different research strengths and technology options. Forming alliances, conquering neighboring species, or discovering ancient artifacts can open up additional research avenues. Choose your race wisely as it affects which worlds suit you, what professions or alliances can be offered, and whether your neighbors are willing to trust you. The distinctive comic style and original, detailed plot of the universe draw the player to the immersive world of the game. Interact with a unique cast of alien characters, make friends and influence people, or crush your enemies and see them driven in front of you.

Stars in Shadow Build a vast and diverse empire using the unique features offered by the various alien populations and worlds they inhabit. The streamlined model of planetary resources and upgrades keeps the game moving even as the empire grows. Take on your opponents in complex turn-based 2D tactical battles. Fend off enemy rocket fire with point defenses or interceptors, then close to the range of energy weapons! The tactical star engines in Shadow include several features rarely found in turn-based games. Multi-station commands ensure a quick, even quick fleet battle, and the intelligent behavior of the units allows for tight control with a minimum level of micromanagement. Auto-resolve doomed battles while still retaining the ability to repeat any commitment to see exactly what happened.

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