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Stellaris MegaCorp PC Download Free

Stellaris MegaCorp Another expansion of Paradox Interactive's popular space strategy Stellaris. The MegaCorp add-on offers the chance to become the president of an interstellar corporation, as well as a bunch of new mechanics. Stellaris: MegaCorp is another expansion of the critically acclaimed Stellaris space strategy. The production enriches the game with the opportunity to become the leader of a powerful galactic corporation. Paradox Development Studio - the author of the base version of the game - is responsible for the creation of this title, while Paradox Interactive took care of the publication. Stellaris MegaCorp Download for PC The key innovation that Stellaris has added in the MegaCorp expansion is the ability to lead the galactic corporation. As the head of the company, we have the ability to set up branches on individual planets and engage in widespread trade. Over time, our "corporate" is getting stronger, which is visible thanks to the new Corporate Authority system.

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The add-on also introduces a number of other mechanics. With Ecumenopolis we can increase the population density in the cities under construction (which can ultimately lead to the creation of a powerful planetary metropolis). We also have the opportunity to trade slaves and acquire new assets from the Ascension subcategory. An interesting novelty are also the Caravaneers - star nomads who wander and trade in different parts of the galaxy, always looking for new opportunities. You have to keep them in mind, because these trade masters often cause surprises - their actions can further simplify or complicate our plans.

Stellaris MegaCorp PC Download Free
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Stellaris MegaCorp PC

Game Producer:
Paradox Development Studio
Game publisher:
Paradox Interactive
Space, Strategy
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CPU: Intel® iCore™ i5-3570K or AMD® Ryzen™ 5 2400G.
OS: Windows® 10 Home 64 Bit.
GPU: Nvidia® GeForce™ GTX 560 Ti (1GB VRAM)
HDD: 10 GB.

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Stellaris MegaCorp is completely rebuilding one of its mechanics for the second time. With the Apocalypse expansion, the way ships move around the map has been changed, and useless defense platforms have been transformed into stellar bases, giving various perks. Planet-sized machines have also been added (yes, you can build your own version of the Death Star), and warfare has been revolutionized when landing onto planets. Although it was an initial drawback for many fans, they quickly realized that it was a good way to develop production. Now it's easier to predict your opponent's movements and plan your attack or defense.

Stellaris MegaCorp Trading has become the most important feature of the new expansion. Now, from the outset, we can create a race that follows a corporate culture. This gives us various profits, for example in the form of trade branches that we can build with empires with whom we previously signed a trade agreement. This makes part of their income fall into our treasury. Alloys have also been added as advanced materials for military purposes and as consumer goods that are desired by our citizens, and their absence increases unrest and crime. The introduction of alloys will now facilitate the production of a powerful armada, because in the past, we used minerals for this purpose (the basic building material for everything), which meant that we had to choose between infrastructure and units to pacify dangerous organisms (i.e. races that do not want to obey the player's will).

Stellaris MegaCorp In the past, special resources like living metal gave us all kinds of bonuses, but they did not have much impact on the gameplay. Now we have to take care of their extraction, because they power most of the advanced buildings, and the lack of them can ruin our economy quite badly. I ran out of rare crystals during the game and suddenly all the production indicators glowed red. Fortunately, the galactic purse was stuffed and I quickly filled the gaps at the space market

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