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Stellaris is developed for PC space real-time strategy that was developed by Paradox Development Studio, the creators of cycle Europa Universalis and well-reviewed a series of Crusader Kings, among others. Discussed production allows players to freely explore a vast space full of unique planets, where all star systems are created as a process. The advantage of this solution is undoubtedly the great variety implemented around the world and the fact that each new expedition aimed at discovering something can bring new unexpected results. The game allows you to create your own intergalactic empire. We can choose among seven playable races, which differ in terms of ethics, appearance and unique abilities. The development of our specific "kingdom" run through the three main streams of technology: social, engineering or physics. Our choice will determine which direction our scientists follow. During the game we also have the opportunity to initiate alliances with other powers using advanced system of diplomacy, as well as initiating wars against the foreign communities us. There is no shortage here than the ability to create their own spaceship centers offering defined by our looks.

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Fun in the Stellaris starts with the creation of the race. The selection of different types of traits of our species or ethics or political system is very important, so much impact on the game continues. For example, if we rely on the spiritual ksenofilów, we will not be able to use slave labor. A key differentiator of the race is also a way to travel the galaxy: there are three different methods, and each has its advantages, disadvantages, and specificity. Very like the Stellaris early stages of any game. We start on the home planet, but pretty soon we start exploring, colonizing, and then the next few celestial bodies - at first only those that have climates for our subjects, but over time scientific discoveries allow for colonization and terraforming of previously hostile ones . So far in the games Paradox aspect of exploration has not been specially developed (eg in Europa Universalis to some extent it was to colonize the New World). The Stellaris, especially in the beginning, it plays a big part and is a lot of fun.

Stellaris PC Download
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Stellaris PC

Game Producer:
Paradox Development Studio
Game publisher:
Paradox Interactive
Space, Strategy
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CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 850 @ 3.3 Ghz or Intel i3 2100 @ 3.1 Ghz
OS: Windows 7 x64 or newer
GPU: NVIDIA Nvidia GTX 560TI with 1024MB VRAM / or AMD HD 6850

Additional information

Stellaris Developers from the Paradox studio have made a number of decisions that clearly distinguish the space conquest simulator from the Europa Universalis or Crusader Kings series, while offering a lot of familiar solutions to interest also loyal fans of these games. Although many aspects of the game look great, the production is far from perfect. Stellaris entrusts us with a civilization that is trying to take control of part of the cosmos. We can choose from a wide range of races, with which we can freely change not only the appearance, but also the ideology or starting characteristics.

Stellaris offers plenty of customization options for creating religious fanatics, aspiring interstellar corporations, or xenophobic slugs carefully exploring the galaxy. The decisions made at the stage of race creation shape the history base and determine how other civilizations will relate to us and how we will explore the cosmos. Based on the elections, special events are created, giving a chance to break away from the tedious expansion of the empire, expansion planning or military operations. They enrich the course of the game, but do not change its goal - in order to win, we must conquer or enslave all other civilizations, including the ancient powers, who will look at us from above for a significant part of the game, having a huge technological and military advantage.

Stellaris While many options are readily available, and finding information about what influences the production of the three basic resources is no problem, the descriptions of some game elements leave much to be desired. When we see such statistics as "ethical divergence" or "other races' happiness" we can only guess what they mean. Finding a detailed description is quite difficult, even though you can use the encyclopedia without going to the browser. We have to learn a lot on the way to becoming a cosmic power. The game's accessibility doesn't mean it's not complicated. The governance of the empire takes place on many levels. The game allows you to take a close look at each planet and decide what buildings we will place in the available sectors, moving the population as needed or issuing edicts affecting the lives of all residents.

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