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Total War Three Kingdoms PC Download Free

Total War Three Kingdoms The twelfth major installment in the Total War strategic cycle, which takes players to ancient China - at a time when the Middle Kingdom was being divided into three competing kingdoms. The game combines the features of RTS and a large-scale strategy game. Total War: Three Kingdoms is a strategy game that combines turn-based gameplay with spectacular real-time battles in which we'll control powerful armies. The production is the twelfth installment in the popular Total War series. The British Creative Assembly Studio is responsible for its creation - as with all previous parts, and the publisher is Sega. Total War Three Kingdoms Download for PC Total War: Three Kingdoms is set in ancient China. The campaign begins in 190 AD, so with the end of the Han Dynasty - the so-called The Age of the Three Kingdoms, in which the Middle Kingdom was today a place divided and torn by internal conflicts. The player takes on the role of one of the twelve commanders detailed in the epic tales of the Three Kingdoms and seeks to unify the land. Total War: Three Kingdoms features a gameplay model known from previous parts of the series. So we are dealing with a strategy where the game is divided into two parts. The first is the strategic map where we play in turn-based mode, commanding the entire faction, moving armies and managing the economy. We are also responsible for urban development, technological development and diplomatic contacts.

Total War Three Kingdoms PC Download

The second part of the game is battles that are conducted in real time. During this time we control large armies, set up troops in formations, order attack or retreat and make various tactical decisions. We also have to properly use the weapons and special abilities of individual armies and heroes and react to enemy actions. It is important that battles do not always take place in open fields and the forces involved in them do not have to be the same - we also take part in sieges and raids. In this part, Creative Assembly has enriched its work with several new solutions. An example is the Guanxi system, which makes the heroes appear much more expressive in the campaign - they have their personalities, motivations and goals, as well as enemies and friends. The way the game combines turn-based strategy levels with tactical battles has also been improved. Actions performed during the clashes are now of greater importance. In Total War: Three Kingdoms we can play alone or with others. The basis of the game is an extensive story campaign that we can also play in cooperation with another person. There is also the possibility of individual battles - both with humans and with AI-controlled opponents. Total War: Three Kingdoms has very attractive three-dimensional graphics. The locations are full of details, especially recognizable real locations like the Great Wall or the Yangtze River. The individual units (both their models and their animations) are impressive, and the user interface also makes a good impression. In the graphic environment, you can see a clear inspiration from real Chinese artworks. We enjoy the atmosphere soundtrack, which reflects the atmosphere of ancient China very well.

Total War Three Kingdoms PC Download Free
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Total War Three Kingdoms PC

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CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00Ghz (With Integrated GPU Core i7-8550U)
OS: Windows 7 64Bit
GPU: GeForce GTX 650 Ti | Radeon HD 7850 1GB VRAM | Intel UHD Graphics 620
HDD: 15 GB

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Total War Three Kingdoms The history of the Chinese Three Kingdoms War is a history of chaos, which is also felt in Total War: Three Kingdoms, but this is not a complaint at all - the unpredictability and the need to quickly adapt to the geopolitical situation around us effectively draws to the screen. The specter of conflicts and unfavorable events hanging over the player is beautifully combined with new, previously unexplored reality in this series, and the effect is a successful and addictive strategy. The action begins at the beginning of the first millennium. It was then that the greatest phase of the disintegration of the ruling Han dynasty took place. It is not only outlaw clans and rebels who take advantage of the confusion, but also steady and respected warlords who want to bring order to China. Of course, many believe that they themselves are ideal candidates for the new emperor. So they start a race for prestige, a royal crown and - ultimately - an imperial title.

Total War Three Kingdoms In the first approach, we chose the hero Cao Cao, who tempts with an interesting special trait - he is the only one who can manipulate the attitude of other rulers. So we can partially influence the relationship between different factions, for example by worsening them when we see that our powerful neighbor begins to get along too well with another serious player. In a similar way, we can also change the attitude of warlords to a more positive one - also in relation to ourselves, which can be useful.

Total War Three Kingdoms offers some interesting novelties, but the core of the gameplay is typical of the Total War series. So we have gameplay on the campaign map - with the development of cities, taking care of the economy and population, moving the army and the trade and diplomatic layer, and the other core of the gameplay are battles. Each aspect is more or less different in relation to Thrones of Britannia or Warhammer 2. At the beginning, however, you just have to get used to slightly less familiar territories and factions, which are naturally more alien to us than European kingdoms.

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