Total War Warhammer Full Version Complete PC Download

Total War: Warhammer is the tenth main installment of the famous series of strategy games created by the British team Creative Assembly under the auspices of the publishing company SEGA. As usual, the game combines the comprehensive management of the kingdom in the turn-based map of the world from turning spectacular tactical battles in real time. This time the production is set in a fantasy universe with well-known miniatures battle game Warhammer Fantasy Battle, the created by Games Workshop. Discussed the position is the beginning of a trilogy, whose individual parts are independent titles, but they can also be combined to form one “megagram” a powerful content.



Hull role-playing Total War: Warhammer is summed around fighting different races for control of the Old World and the struggle with the plaguing the land of demonic forces of Chaos. The creators gave at our disposal four playable factions, each with a powerful leader. The people of the Empire led by Emperor Karl Franz, who wants to unite the broken strength of Electors. Grimgor Ironhide leads the absolute Greenskin (orcs and goblins and other similar races). High King Thorgrim is under the command of the dwarves equipped with an advanced, steam-gunpowder technology. In turn, the leading incessant scheming vampires and the undead are under the command of Mannfred von Carstein. The play is also attended by the forces of Chaos, but in the form of a playable been made available only to players who have purchased discussed in the pre-title the Order or provided themselves later in the appropriate DLC. In addition, in the Old World, there are a number of neutral faction.

As mentioned, the gameplay does not differ greatly from that with which we have seen in previous series Total War. The foundation is still a fun turn-based management in their own lands – gathering resources, the development of cities, development of technology, trading, conducting competitions diplomatic, recruiting and moving branches etc. At least that’s what the game looks in the model case (eg. In humans of the Empire), because in Total War: Warhammer every race proved to be completely different. For example, in the development of orcs infrastruktuy descends on the distant plan, and the most important is the so-called. Waaagh! – The original fighting spirit zielonoskórej race, which is a kind of resource. The more we throw into the fray and refer victory, the more warriors chief collects under its banner, but if mitrężenia and clashes losing our power begins to melt (branches of boredom initiate a fight with each other, etc.). In each faction important role on the world map play called. agents or special characters occurring in several different classes, who are moving on their own, develop their skills with odnoszonymi successes, and participate in battles.

Total War Warhammer Minimum Requirements
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 3 GHz
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows Vista
Video Card: 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, AMD Radeon HD 2900 XT or Intel HD 4000
Free Disk Space: 35 GB