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Transport Fever 2 PC Download Free

Transport Fever 2 is an economic strategy in which we create a diversified communication infrastructure. The production is a sequel to the game released for computers in 2016. Responsible for the development is the Swiss studio Urban Games (known from a similar title Train Fever). The publisher's role was taken over by Good Shepherd Entertainment (responsible, among other things, for the publication of games by the Polish studio CreativeForge Games - Hard West and Phantom Doctrine). In Transport Fever 2 our task is to develop the infrastructure and build a dynamic system that includes various means of transport - trains, buses, trucks, ships and even planes. The game features logistical challenges based on real events, as well as over 200 vehicles from different eras - from draft horses to modern jet planes. Our tasks include defining strategies, building the right systems and developing and modifying the existing ones in such a way that they optimally match the increasingly modern means of transport. We analyze numerous statistics and make decisions, thanks to which we optimize the operation of the entire system - for example, we determine which route is routed by railways and decide on the routes of individual buses, or we optimize our infrastructure to reduce noise and pollutant emissions .

Transport Fever 2 PC Download

The production of the Urban Games team also has a map editor that will allow us to change the shape of the world. Interestingly, we can pause the game at any time, load the save in the editor and change the look of the map (e.g. adding more cities or factory centers) and then return to the game. In the second part, traffic lights and one-way streets were added. The developers have also taken care of mod support, allowing players to customize many aspects of the game to their liking. We can only play Transport Fever 2 alone. We are able to freely build our own company in the free play mode, but the creators have also prepared three campaigns in which we will learn about - and rewrite - the history of global transport. The campaign begins in 1850 during the American Gold Rush. There are no other competing companies controlled by artificial intelligence in the game.

Transport Fever 2 PC Download Free
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Transport Fever 2 PC

Game Producer:
Urban Games
Game publisher:
Good Shepherd Entertainment / Gambitious
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OS: Windows 7 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz / AMD FX-8370
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
HDD: 40 GB

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Transport Fever 2 Swiss studio Urban Games clearly likes this subject, because since 2014 it has been treating us with games embedded in it. It started with Train Fever (2014), then it was time for Transport Fever (2016), and finally Transport Fever 2 went on sale recently. . I did not count on a revolution, because it was neither needed nor desired by the players. How does the newest tycoon fare in practice?

Nothing has changed, in Transport Fever 2 we again sit in the chair of the president of a transport company that starts as a tiny enterprise, but is to grow over time and become an industry giant. We use all kinds of means of transport for this: trains, trucks, buses, and even ships and planes. We use them to transport both people and goods. In the latter case, things get complicated because we have to take into account the functioning of the entire system of connected vessels, including different cities, different plants and the demand for different raw materials. To earn money, we must combine everything as sensibly as possible - so that driving as little as possible, we must provide as much as possible.

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