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Tropico 6 PC Download Free

Tropico 6 One of the installments of the Tropico economic strategy introduced in 2001. In the production of Limbic Entertainment Studio (creators of Might & Magic X: Legacy and Might & Magic: Heroes VII) we play the role of El Presidente - the leader of the banana republic. Tropico 6 is a city-builder economic strategy maintained in a humorous convention. This is the sixth part of the cycle from 2001. This is the first part of the series, the production of which is responsible for Limbic Entertainment Studio, which is supported by Might & Magic: Heroes VII was announced. Tropico 6 Download For PC Our task is to manage the banana republic, like in the previous hits, so that it stays in power as long as possible and achieves the set goals. Therefore, we must seek public support, take care of the economy, construct new buildings, form alliances with neighbors, or nip opposition activity in the bud. Although the core of the game hasn't changed, the developers have introduced some interesting improvements. For the first time in the history of the Tropico 6 series, you can play on a large archipelago, which means that you have to manage not one but several islands at the same time. With this solution, new transport options have emerged - players can build bridges and tunnels that connect individual locations. Residents move between them not only in their own cars, but also by public transport: buses or cable cars.

Tropico 6 PC Download

Another interesting solution is the possibility of organizing rallies. They allow agents to be sent to different parts of the world to steal technology - including blueprints for valuable buildings like the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower. As El Presidente we must also have a beautiful palace that can be modernized and embellished with the help of various accessories prepared by the creators. However, people must support us in all activities. In order to win their favor, you can also take care of a fairly comfortable life, but also rule with an iron fist and turn your country into a real police state. The most important thing is to have society behind us when we need it. The dynasty introduced in Tropico was withdrawn. This means that the entire line is no longer available to the player. During gameplay, he only has one El Presidente, which he can freely customize throughout the game. Graphically, Tropico 6 practically does not differ from its predecessor. So here we have for extremely colorful graphics that take care of the details of the environment. All buildings and elements of the environment change with the advancing epochs. The whole thing works on the Unreal Engine 4 engine.

Tropico 6 PC Download Free
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Tropico 6 PC

Game Producer:
Limbic Entertainment
Game publisher:
Kalypso Media
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CPU: AMD or Intel, 3.3 GHz (AMD FX 8300, Intel i5 3000)
OS: Windows 10 64-bit.
GPU: AMD/NVIDIA dedicated GPU, 4GB dedicated VRAM (Radeon R9 380, Geforce GTX 960)
HDD: 20 GB.

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Tropico 6 The latest installment of the part is not a revolution for the series, even though it was created by a completely different studio. The ideas initiated by Haemimont Games proved successful, and Limbic Entertainment contributed a few pennies. So it's hard to resist the impression that the "six" is such an improved version of the "five". The biggest of the novelties is the significant enlargement of the map size. From now on, Tropico is not only one paradise island, but an archipelago that forces the player to create a transport network between the islands. The second of the visible to the naked eye novelty is the ability to manage a group for special tasks. Thanks to their actions, we can loot, sabotage or "borrow" the wonders of the world, which on our island will look much more magnificent. Because will these imperialist Americans notice that the Statue of Liberty has disappeared?

Tropico 6 Of course, the unique character of Tropico has been maintained. It is still a serious economic game in a humorous, surreal atmosphere. Our tasks as the ruler include taking care of the economy of the island and the well-being of its inhabitants. The palette of tools to help us achieve these goals is as broad as the list of what can go wrong. Dictatorship is a hard piece of bread, and without the support of the peoples, we will quickly end our adventure in the palace. Even manipulating the results at the ballot boxes will not save us from the wrath of our protégés. There are no perfect solutions in Tropico. The player is forced to constantly balance the consequences of his economic decisions or decrees. Each decision brings with it profits and a price.

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