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The action of Valorant will take place in the near future. During the game, the player takes on the role of one of the agents from around the world fighting a threat that can have serious consequences for humanity. Valorant is an online shooter where the player takes part in 5v5 matches on a variety of special maps. He has a pool of characters at his disposal, representing different classes with different fighting styles. Each of them has abilities - a basic one available for free in each game, two optional ones that can be bought at the beginning of the round, and the fourth special ability, which is obtained after getting the appropriate number of kills or power orbs has collected card. However, in most cases these only serve to tactically surprise opponents, and the most important role in duels is played by the player's precise eye and knowledge of the cards. Right from the start, players have access to a full arsenal of weapons. In order for a weapon to be active during a given game, it must be purchased with virtual currency won during the game. An important aspect of the game is proper budget management. By saving money on one spin, you can win the next two. Constant buying when we can't afford the best guns can mean we won't even buy the gun of our dreams. An important element in playing Valorant is tactics and communication with team members. Each map has been designed in such a way that many different strategies can be developed.

Valorant PC Download

Only multiplayer is available in Valorant, in which two teams of five players compete against each other in quick rounds. The team that manages to win 13 rounds wins the match. Teams are divided into attackers and defenders. The task of the former is to place a spike (bomb) in one of the designated places on the map or eliminate enemies. However, the defenders must defuse an already placed spike or prevent it from being planted in the first place. Teams are randomly assigned to a side at the start of the game and switched after 12 rounds. With the official release of the game, the developers added another mode - Spike Rush - which is primarily intended to offer players a faster form of gameplay. It is won after only four winning spins, and each attacker carries a spike (not just one of them as usual). In addition, all players will randomly receive the same weapon, and orbs will appear in selected locations on the map, granting powerful bonuses. A match in Rash vs. Spike mode lasts between 8 and 12 minutes. In addition, the player has a training mode available in which, for example, accuracy can be practiced.

Valorant PC Download Free
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Game Producer:
Riot Games
Game publisher:
Riot Games
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CPU: Core i3-4150 / Ryzen 3 1200
OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
GPU: GeForce GT 730 / Radeon R7 240
HDD: 20 GB

Additional information

Valorant is the latest production from the creators of League of Legends. Developers, after years of developing one brand, want to significantly expand their world and one of the proposals is the shooter. The title is basically a combination of two propositions - CS: GO (team play, buying weapons, collecting funds, planting bombs) with Overwatch (gameplay focused on heroes and skills). On paper, Valorant does not look particularly extraordinary, but the gameplay itself is said to have been exceptionally refined. Each shot has its own power, the characters are well-balanced and the expected satisfaction from winning matches appears during the game.

Valorant RioT Games has extensive experience in creating online games and apparently Valorant can also achieve enormous success. The first opinions about the position are extremely positive, and we can suspect that this is just the beginning. What you see at first glance is clearly inspired by Overwatch. So we have a team of heroes, each of which has unique abilities. Added to this is the shooting formula and matches between five and five. Sounds familiar? Indeed, it nudges it a lot with Blizzard's online hit.

However, in Valorant you can find one more source from which the idea for the game was taken. It may not be so obvious, but a keen observer of the trailers and announcements has certainly noticed the Counter Strike motifs.

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