Warshift PC Download Free InstallShield

Warshift PC Download Free InstallShield

Warshift for PC Download Published on the PC platform Windows Warshift game is a mix of the classic strategy RTS with RPG elements and a modern, three-dimensional action game. The game is the original project Cyril Megema – artist, designer and programmer, who after ten years of working with the main game developers decided to finish and devote time independently to work on their own production. The title debuted in Steam Early Access program, which allows the author to refine the final version of the game based on the suggestions and observations gaming community.



Download Warshift for PC free InstallShield


Warshift Download The game is set in 2062 on the colonial planet Enigma, which was attacked by aggressive alien race, which came from a parallel universe through the so-called. Gates of Chaos. Although the intruders had no material shape, thanks to their energy to obleczeniu created in modern exoskeletons a powerful army of droid, capable of being in any environment and almost any temperature. Massive attack enemy turned animated enigma in the great desert that caused the reaction of the administration of the Republic of the Colonial Planets. But it has decided not to risk any more lives to send the army to fight cyberstrażników, which consists of heavy combat machines and fast and agile drones of specially trained officials using telepathy. The game takes place in just one of them, and our task is to place the planet in the hands of the invaders on the legs.

The gameplay in Warshift can roll on two different levels. The basis of the game is the mechanics of the classic strategy RTS mag from Command & Conquer, where your task is to collect raw materials, continuous expansion of the base, the production of combat units and sends them to fight with the opponents. Available players were given 7 types of buildings and 16 types of units, which comprise both the units controlled by the AI ​​(infantry and heavy machines) and 6 unique (ie. The Fighting Avatars), which during the game we walk along the lines of RPG to develop dozens of weapons and use various improvements.

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Warshift on the PC platform, Windows provides an entertaining opportunity for both single players and multiplayer. The campaign-rolling game consists of ten interrelated scenarios on land, in the air, in the water, under water and in open spaces. We can also deal with computer AI in skirmish-type missions or compete with other players over the Internet / LAN, setting the game rules and victory conditions.


Minimum Requirements:

CPU Speed: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
OS: Windows 7
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 / ATI Radeon HD 5870
Free Disk Space: 5 GB

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