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Wolfenstein Youngblood PC Download Free

Wolfenstein Youngblood A side installment to the Wolfenstein series created by MachineGames - the first game in the series that you can play through cooperatively. As the daughters of B.J. Blazkowicz, Sophie and Jessica, we find ourselves in Nazi-controlled Paris in the 1980s. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is another installment in the legendary dynamic FPS series that initiated the first-person shooter genre and the fourth installment in the Wolfenstein series by Swedish studio MachineGames. Youngblood doesn't copy the one-man shooter formula from its predecessors, instead serving up a game dedicated primarily to working with a friend. Wolfenstein Youngblood Download for PC In Wolfenstein: Youngblood we move forward several decades since the events of The New Colossus. The legendary hero of the previous roles, B.J. Blazkowicz, disappeared without a trace, but his daughter, twins Jessica and Sophie, took the baton after him. We play them and end up in Paris controlled by the Third Reich in the 1980s. Our main task is to support the resistance in fighting the occupiers. The main villain in Wolfenstein: Youngblood is the German general Lothar - stopping him is an important element of the game. Compared to previous parts created by MachineGames, the storyline in Wolfenstein: Youngblood has been pushed into the background. All important moments of the game can still be seen in the cutscene. During the game we can also get to know some members of the Paris resistance and take sub-orders from them.

Wolfenstein Youngblood PC Download

Youngblood, like the previous installments in the series created by MachineGames, presents a highly dynamic storyline presented from the first-person perspective. The developers have provided us with a wide arsenal of deadly weapons, with the help of which we will break through the waves of both ordinary Nazis and super soldiers and robots. The Blazkowicz sisters use technologically advanced power armor during gameplay. They allow, among other things, double jumps or falls from great heights. Each armor can also be equipped with special contraptions that allow, for example, crushing opponents or using camouflage to help you sneak up. What sets this edition apart is the focus on collaboration - the game has been designed to be most fun to play with a friend. Sisters can plan raids, attack opponents from different sides, support each other in battles with shouts, and help each other when one of them is knocked out by enemies. In Wolfenstein: Youngblood we have a common life supply for both sisters; Losing them all is equivalent to losing the mission, although throughout the game we can find chests with new lives. It is worth noting that cooperation with another player is not mandatory - the campaign in Wolfenstein: Youngblood can be carried out in whole or in part with a sister controlled by artificial intelligence. AI can, of course, take part in battles or heal our character, but we cannot give him advanced commands.

Wolfenstein Youngblood PC Download Free
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Wolfenstein Youngblood PC

Game Producer:
Machine Games / Arkane Studios
Game publisher:
Bethesda Softworks
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CPU: AMD FX-9370/Ryzen 5 1600X or Intel Core i7-4770.
RAM: 16 GB.
OS: Win7, 8.1, or 10 64-Bit.
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB (Current available GPU RTX2060) or AMD equivalent.
HDD: 40 GB.

Additional information

Wolfenstein Youngblood MachineGames was founded in 2009 and after a few months it was given the task of developing games from the Wolfenstein series. We waited for the first modern adventure until 2014, a standalone expansion hit the market after a year, and in 2017 we got acquainted with a full-fledged continuation. Over the course of seven years, the developers have provided players with three quite extensive and steeped in fighting with the Nazis. However, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus has already shown that the series needs a proper refreshment. The creators decided not to experiment in the form of an add-on, but throw players on the testing ground. It's up to the fans to find out for themselves what the universe lacked, and the feedback will give the next game the right direction. We will have to wait a few years for Wolfenstein 3, but you can be sure that Wolfenstein: Youngblood has answered many of the developers' questions. The Swedes prove that IP still has a lot of potential, but it needs to be developed in an appropriate way.

The Swedes, using Wolfenstein Youngblood, wanted to find out if the Wolfenstein series could be developed without the main character? The guy basically lost his head during the next fights with the Nazis, so it's high time for some rest. For this reason, the latest adventure focuses on the protagonist's two daughters - Jessie and Sophie - who learn that their daddy has run into a lot of trouble. The events take place 19 years after Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, so this production can be treated as a spin-off. Blazko has already dealt with the Nazis in America, but it's high time to help occupied Europe. Although BJ already has a family, Anna waits at home with her growing up, and the daughters are already old, but still behaves like a lone wolf and dies somewhere in France. His girls don't think twice, they borrow a helicopter from Abby (daughter of Grace Walker, the leader of the American Resistance, the head of the FBI) ​​and fly to the Old Continent. Fortunately for them, her friend is no ordinary bookworm, and can even construct two decent armor. Jess and Sophie are given fantastic equipment in their hands and can go into battle with a perky smile.

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