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Battlezone PC Free Download

BattlezoneCreated by Studio Rebellion to film sets of virtual reality remakes of the classic that debuted on the Salon slot arcade in 1980. Like the original, the new version of Battle has a rather bad movie narrative that tells about the attacking creatures from another planet to Earth. Battle game was released in 1980 for consoles Atari 2600. Players are presented the role of a futuristic tank driver who is sent to a foreign planet with a mission to destroy enemy vehicles. Titles feature vector graphics used instead of the traditional raster and became a technical masterpiece. Due to the periscope first-person perspective of our vehicle and setting that distinguishes future visions, it is believed that this was the original idea of ​​​​virtual reality (released the film Tron two years later, based on a similar combination).

Battlezone PC Download

Battlezone Download for PC The game was shown from a first-person perspective, while having fun futuristic journey through locations filled with neon elements characteristic of science fiction films of the 80s, like TRON. The campaign can be played either alone or in four people - on one console or the network. Play scales with the number of opponents and the difficulty of the number of players, but artificial intelligence and such is just weak. If we go down, it's not because the opponent has an incredible tactical sense, such as us behind the back or a tank turret sent a game that will destroy us in a split second. The problem would not have happened if the tanks sterowało they were more feedback and better, but ... it's not. Even the fastest vehicle type (different containers with different special functions) may not be fast enough to react in certain situations.

Battlezone PC Free Download
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CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or similar AMD
OS: Windows XP SP3 or higher
GPU: nVidia 9600 or similar ATI, 512 MB dedicated video memory

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Combat missions are the salt of the game. At the beginning of the game, we choose one of the available tanks (as the game progresses, others are unlocked), and then we go into battle. At first glance, the interior of our extermination machine looks great, especially that it is made in 360 degrees, so we can carefully look at various indicators and look at the side camera. knock enemy helicopters out of the sky. There is, however, a problem related to randomness. It is not uncommon that we lose all lives in a minute on the first map.

The game requires you to learn how to shoot, drive sideways, avoid enemy volleys, hide behind pillars and shoot enemy tanks at the same time. Our machine, light or heavy weight, after taking a few blows to the armor becomes just a pile of smoking scrap metal. Battlezone Since the number of lives for the entire campaign is limited, it's not hard to see how often we start over. Add to this the fact that we collect credits for upgrades after the enemies are killed. Unfortunately, there are frighteningly few of them, and the enemies are awake and after each miraculously completed map they come back much stronger. Worse, many of the game's mechanics remain unexplained, and others are too laconic. For example, about this, when the tank accelerates, the covers are turned off, I found out in the most unpleasant way: by losing the game.

The game has a cooperation mode for four people at the same time. Battlezone It works on the principle of drop in, drop out, which means that users can join our struggle with colored targets at any time. However, before coop programs, I recommend that you turn down the volume of the PSVR headphones, because the sudden voices of joining players can throw you off balance.

Although "Battlezone" is an extremely annoying game and often causes more frustration than it gives you a lot of fun, it makes an amazing impression from the visual side. Battlezone Rebellion, aware that PlayStation 4 will not bear the stunning graphics, opted for the atmosphere of the old days, referring to both very old games and the aesthetics straight from the movie "Reaper of minds". The grounds are very simple, outlined and saturated with bright colors. Enemy tanks and helicopters are as subtle against the background of yellow buildings as a tarantula on a sponge cake. The game is very fast, dynamic and somehow does not lag even when we manage to complete a full team. We have a constant number of frames in our PSVR all the time, there are no delays in shooting or - much more often - dying.

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