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Combat Arms Line of Sight PC Download

Combat Arms Line of Sight Network FPP shooter developed by South Korean studio Black Spot Entertainment. The action production in question has been discontinued after the end of World War II. The conflict has not expired, but is complete - created by Dr. Geiger genetically altered with the soldiers, the so-called Psygeni, clashing with their American counterparts on the battlefield - with Centurion. The goal of both sides of the conflict is to find the child Alfa - the device free of genetic defects and represent the peak Geiger. Combat Arms Line of Sight for PC Download Players can decide on one side and compete with you in different variants of the game. Dynamic shooting diversified psionic powers through what the game is sometimes referred to as hybrid multiplayer Bioshock and Call of Duty. Available options include both game modes PvP and PvE- it is worth noting that line of sight, there are also modules on which special abilities are not available (we're talking about the so-called classic mode). Completes dedicated system ranking fights league and ability to form clans.

Combat Arms Line of Sight PC Download

Rolling layer of history described in line of sight goes back quite a long way, because to the First World War. Then in the face of defeat lies the Nazis for secret experiments began to create a genetically modified soldier (ie. Soldier). After the war part in the project naukowców refuge to work in the US, where at the request of the local government to continue their work. After many years of research and testing of criminals sentenced to death, Dr. Adrian Geiger created a group of soldiers called the Psygenami, who got over the violent nature of his ancestors and posed a serious threat to the government. Trying to fix mistakes, Geiger bred in their laboratories child Alfa called completely new man - free from genetic defects Psygenów and forms the essence of his current research. The US authorities, however, broke off cooperation with the scientist, fearing an attempt to destroy his works fled to Russia. In the so-called. Meanwhile, with the help of Dr. Hendrix Americans created their own kind of soldiers - more perfect, and mostly loyal to the United States. The result of this work was a group known as the Centurions, which przecistawienia the Psygenom and search for child Alfa, which became the only hope for victory for each party in question.

Combat Arms Line of Sight PC Download
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Combat Arms Line of Sight PC

Game Producer:
Black Spot Entertainment / VALOFE
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CPU: Dual Core 2.0 GHz from Intel or AMD 2.0GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600

Additional information

Line of Sight is a tactical, military FPS set in the modern realities of armed conflicts. The title was created by a group of developers from BSE (Black Spot Entertainment) in order to recreate and modernize the hit from years ago, which was undoubtedly Combat Arms.

Originally, the position was to be a remake of the above-mentioned title, but over time and with the progress of work on the project, Line of Sight turned into a standalone game and constituted a completely separate item in the entire collection of the genre.

The game presents a very interesting story and is full of tactical aspects. The creators focused on values ​​such as the ability to cooperate in a team, integrating with it and a sense of responsibility for other members of the group. The sense of foresight and making quick, accurate decisions is not without significance here.

Compared to the original, the gameplay in Line of Sight is even more addictive and takes place in even more diverse environments and better refined locations. The dynamic action is additionally complemented by rich landscapes, refined maps as well as high realism and level of difficulty.

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