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Following the pattern of games from the series commonly called Soulsborne - which includes Demon's Souls, the Dark Souls trilogy and Bloodborne) - the main storyline in Elden Ring is only slightly outlined, and the player has to overcome successive stages of the adventure to gradually acquire scraps of information that the end will be able to put together a coherent whole.

Elden Ring takes place in a land known as The Lands Between, divided into six kingdoms. Each of them is ruled by one of the demigods that we will have to defeat in order to take away from them the fragments of the titular Elden Circle. It was the breaking of this mysterious object that started the cataclysm that brought the Lands Between to the brink of collapse. In Elden Ring, the main character, one of the Tarnished, has returned to his homeland from exile to try to regain the once lost favor of the Golden Tree (Erdtree), prove his worth and become the new Elden Lord.

Elden Ring PC Download

When creating the history of the world, Elden Ring FromSoftware used the help of George R. R. Martin - a writer known mainly from the book saga A Song of Ice and Fire, on the basis of which the HBO series Game of Thrones was made. His work was somewhat modified by the authors of the game, which resulted in the creation of a complex, dark fantasy world.

At the beginning of the adventure, we create our own protagonist, specifying his gender and appearance, and choosing one of ten character classes (tramp, warrior, astrologer, hero, bandit, prophet, samurai, prisoner, announcer, scoundrel). Elden Ring However, it affects only the initial stats and equipment of our Duller. Elden Ring puts a lot of emphasis on RPG elements, offering players freedom in character development, which, coupled with a wide arsenal of weapons and spells, allows you to adapt the right tactics to any situation.

One of the highlights of Elden Ring is its complex arcade combat system. Clashes with adversaries take place in a dynamic manner, and each attack is very precise. FromSoftware is famous for creating demanding productions and Elden Ring does not deviate from this rule - each duel should be treated with caution, and the variety of enemies requires us to constantly come up with new tactics. An important element of the fun are clashes with powerful bosses. In total, there are one hundred and twenty-nine of them in the game. The creators made sure that in Elden Ring each such battle was exciting and ruthlessly held the player accountable for the mistakes he made.

As was the case in the games from the Soulsborne series, the design of individual bosses is well-thought-out and unique, and an aura of divinity and heroism has been created around the main antagonists due to the plot assumptions of the title. In Elden Ring, the world structure has undergone a significant change compared to the studio's previous games. This time, the available terrain is fully open, vast and filled with smaller locations with a more corridor structure. To move around it faster, you can use the spectral mount, Torrent, which can be summoned almost at any time during the game. In addition, nothing stands in the way of striking from his back and fighting opponents.

Elden Ring PC Download Free
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OS: Windows 10
CPU: INTEL CORE I5-8400 or AMD RYZEN 3 3300X
HDD: 60 GB

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Elden Ring is a game with a large, open world, offering players a very interesting exploration. Instead of rushing forward, defeating more enemies, it is worth looking around the locations carefully. Often in nooks and crannies you will find items and even shortcuts to other levels. Calmly explore smaller and larger locations in search of treasures that may be useful to you in the next stages of the game. So take your time and, above all, don't be discouraged by failures, because unfortunately you won't be able to avoid them.
At the beginning of the game you will be weak and you won't be able to fight every opponent, so be careful where you go. If the opponents in one part of the world are too difficult to defeat, try to go somewhere else.
Some of the bosses can be avoided - especially those in open spaces. Just walk away from them and they'll stop chasing you eventually.
Remember that you lose all runes when the main character dies. When you expect a tough fight and head towards a challenging opponent or boss, it's worth spending runes early and leveling up. Otherwise, you will expose yourself to a painful loss of valuable resources.
Spend some time learning how to fight, especially blocking, countering, and dodging. This will result in the game. It's a good idea to repeat fights with the weakest opponents. For them to be reborn, just rest at a place of grace.
Soulslike games are accompanied by frustration and discouragement. Frequent failures can be overwhelming, so it's worth taking breaks to come back after some time and try again to take on the challenge.

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