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Soulstice takes us to a fantastic world plagued by Phantoms - wild creatures coming from behind the so-called veil. These creatures take over the minds of people and turn them into bloodthirsty monsters. Only Chimeras, i.e. powerful warriors born from the union of two souls in one body, can face them. When one such breach appeared over the city of Ilden, the brave sisters Briar and Lute decided to take matters into their own hands. As Chimera, they must face the threat in Soulstice, discovering the dark secrets of their order, whose intentions are not as pure as they thought, and where their powers come from.

In Soulstice we observe the action from the third person perspective (TPP). While traveling through Ilden, we mainly deal with eliminating opponents. The game has a combat system that even a slasher would be proud of. During quick clashes with adversaries, we make use of the superhuman strength and impressive skills of Briar, who fights with melee weapons and performs spectacular combos, and can also change weapons "on the fly".

In addition, we have to use Lute's ability, which as a ghost (the girl was sacrificed in the merger process) weakens enemies with special auras. While playing Soulstice, we face both standard opponents, sent to the sand in bulk, and much stronger bosses. As we progress, we gain more and more powerful weapons and improve the ones we already have, which allows us to face more and more challenges.

We get to know events in a sense from the inside. Suddenly, we are thrown into battle with a multitude of opponents. After defeating them - in a rather surreal setting - we find ourselves in a more believable world. In Soulstice, our task is still quite simple, of course. We are supposed to push forward, eliminating virtually everything that moves. From time to time we will participate in flashbacks, although I can't say that I care about them.

The plot presented in Soulstice failed to draw me in and if it wasn't for the reviewer's duty, I would be happy to use one button. We can skip cutscenes by pressing and holding the appropriate button on the pad. The story is incredibly boring in my eyes. I will not go into details, but you can read the official description below.

Soulstice PC Download

Of course, you can lock the camera on an enemy by pressing the right analog stick. This makes things a bit easier, but it doesn't change the fact that flying enemies in Soulstice are incredibly difficult to track down. It's worth noting that it's good to learn a few combos and combine them with blocking. If you act accordingly, you'll be able to perform special synergy attacks. Both sisters then combine their abilities, launching devastating attacks. This will often save you from death, so don't underestimate this possibility. It is a pity, however, that the option to use it is so poorly marked - you will often be able to miss it in the heat of battle.

Soulstice PC Download Free
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Soulstice Free

Game Producer:
Reply Game Studios
Game publisher:
Modus Games
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CPU: Core i7 4770k @3.5GHZ / Ryzen 5 1600
GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT
OS: 64 bit windows 10
HDD: 30 GB

Additional information

While traversing the levels - arranged linearly, the game does not have an open world - we can look into the nooks and crannies of the areas made available to us. Although we often find invisible walls, sometimes we end up in an interesting place. We can find there, for example, a blue crystal that provides points for upgrading Lute, or spheres that take us to challenges. You can also come across - quite rare - collectibles, the completion of which will develop us the maximum level of health or magical energy. On the other hand, the spheres of challenges mentioned above are worth describing in more detail. After activating such a sphere - by holding down the X button on the DualSense pad, we will express the desire to load a new area. After moving there, you will have to eliminate the enemies in the given way.

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