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Scrap Mechanic PC Download

Scrap Mechanic Download for PC - Scrap Mechanic is sandboksowa multiplayer game about building complicated machines that have both creative and survival game mode. The production for the Windows PC platform is the first studio work aXolot games. Scrap Mechanic debuted on Steam on service and Early Access was developed by the authors in later updates. Scrap Mechanic for PCIn Scrap Mechanic we take on the mechanical robot that was sent to a fully automated agricultural planet to take care of the repair and maintenance of robots. Unfortunately, the hero lost control of his machine and crashed, only to discover that the machines involved in cultivating and sending food to the human worlds had gone completely insane. Left alone, our hero must use his skills and knowledge of machines to survive the attack of crazy mechanical enemies.

Scrap Mechanic PC Download

Gameplay mechanic in Scrap Mechanic combines the features of games sandboksowych like to build besiege Rust or Hurtworld motive special machines from and other similar titles. Fun is so collecting resources and building machines of different types - get a wide choice in this theme. To achieve these goals, the player is given a number of tools, such as a hammer or a fastener jig. The authors prepared a game over a hundred parts, so that each mechanic can fully realize their technical thoughts - from cars to rolling machines, up to such absurd ideas as houses on wheels. Besides the basic parts like wheels and body parts, here you will find more complex elements like motors, chassis, switches or sensors. Inseparable help of its mechanic and inventor at the same time is always a portable elevator, as well as a practical guide and reference book - the authors explain it to do any problems with recruiting new ideas in life. The game is also set to cooperate with other players. Ultimately, the creator of Scrap Mechanic plan in game two modes: a creative and survival. The first forms of entertainment, available already in the Early Access stage, assume that players will focus on cheerful and carefree building machines. Here we can only see how our creations cope with overcoming the area. The second option, Survival mode, poses a threat - an army of insane robots that lies in wait for our moment of inattention only. During the struggle for survival we must collect resources, for example. Undress on parts found buildings and machines, and think, first of all, how to fend off further attacks. The authors do not offer PvP game in which players fight against each other, because the game is not designed in this way - full version or updates may change.

Scrap Mechanic PC Download
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Scrap Mechanic PC

Game Producer:
Axolot Games
Game publisher:
Axolot Games
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CPU: 2.6 GHz Dual Core
OS: Microsoft Windows XP (latest SP)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT / ATI Radeon HD 3870 or better OpenGL 3.3 compatible

Additional information

The goal of survival in Scrap Mechanic is, of course, to survive, but to survive, we need to focus on building farms. It is under them that the planet on which our character crashes in a spaceship was created. Without a lot of crops, at some point we will not move because they will be indispensable. Of course, evil is waiting for us on the planet - robots that were once supposed to be farmers, but unfortunately something went wrong and instead of working, they destroy everything related to agriculture and bully the cows that graze in the meadows.

Scrap Mechanic After crashing into a spaceship, our task is, of course, to survive on a planet inhabited by aggressive robots. We have a need for hunger and drink, which we replenish by eating fruit and vegetables or drinking drinks that we can sometimes find in crates in ruins or in damaged boxes scattered around the map. At the beginning, our inventory includes a hammer that we can use to destroy trees and crushed stone. Scrap Mechanic After you cut down a tree, for example, it will collapse and you have to break it into small pieces to get the boards from it. These will be useful, for example, for creating new items or building vehicles, which, due to the fact that they should not be too heavy, are best built of planks.

As already mentioned, survival in Scrap Mechanic focuses on building farms. We are helped in this by elements that we can create to automate them, such as sprinklers or pumps supplying water to them. In addition to being practical, we must also ensure the safety of our crops. When we build a farm with a certain number of points, robots will attack it. Therefore, if we do not need a large crop - do not build it - unless we want to fight the opponents. I think that such a handicap is a very good idea - after all, we need the crops the most, and if it were not for it, it would be very easy to get it.

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