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Far Cry 6 takes us on a journey to Yara - a fictional tropical country inspired by Cuba. Anton Castillo rules here with a heavy hand, whose life goal is to rebuild the country and restore it to its glory from fifty years ago (when his father was the dictator), regardless of what sacrifices he will have to make citizens to do so. In addition, in Far Cry 6, Castillo is raising his successor, a 13-year-old son named Diego. The character we play during the game is Dani Rojas, a fighter of the local resistance movement, trying to remove Castillo from power through both guerrilla warfare and protests in the streets of Yara's capital - Esperanza.

We start the game in Far Cry 6 by choosing the gender of the character we play. We observe the action from the first person perspective (FPP). The authors provide us with a vast open world, which we travel on foot, at the controls of various vehicles and other machines, or on horseback. We will find there not only the virgin areas (mainly the jungle) and small settlements known from the previous parts of the series, but also (for the first time in the history of the series) a mighty metropolis - Esperanza. Far Cry 6 is driven by quests that push the story forward, accompanied by numerous missions and other optional activities. In their implementation, we are usually hindered by Castillo's faithful soldiers, whom we eliminate by making use of an extensive arsenal. In addition to melee weapons, we have a wide range of pistols, shotguns and rifles at our disposal, which the guerrillas modify with everyday items (for example, by installing sights made of sardine cans).

Far Cry 6 PC Download

Far Cry 6 is probably the most brutal installment in the series. We quickly find out that Castillo is a kind of Mao Zedong on a micro scale and with a Hispanic complexion. Near death at his hands is also the main character (or the main character) of the story - Dani Rojas. However, he somehow escapes with his life, and soon after joins the local resistance movement, whose members will sooner burn alive than give up fighting the bloody despot. In Far Cry 6, this is how the hours-long adventure begins in the beautiful Caribbean landscape. Interestingly, for the first time presented in a more cinematic way. Well, the main character (or the main character) this time is a character of flesh and blood, who not only appears in cutscenes, but also has something to say. That's probably the most

However, Yara is as beautiful in Far Cry 6 as it is desolate. I don't know if this is due to the laziness of the developers or hardware limitations (concerning older consoles and weaker PCs, because I don't think PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have a problem with it), but it's hard to meet local people on our way. Is everyone really hiding in their houses from Castillo soldiers in Far Cry 6? I know that with such a tyrant, I'm afraid to stick my nose out the door, but life in extreme communist regimes never seems to die to such an extent. And when some NPCs appear on the screen, they behave as if they were detached from reality. It's hard to believe in Yara's authenticity at times like these.

Far Cry 6 PC Download Free
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Most of the time in Far Cry 6 is spent exploring the island - on foot, on horseback, by car, helicopter, etc. - and performing tasks. These are usually divided into mandatory (story) and optional. The former are better, but, let's face it, also without madness. They consist primarily in reaching the indicated point and performing a specific action, such as obtaining an item, turning something on/off or simply dealing with a whole bunch of guards. We fight the Castillo soldiers directly or sneak up and avoid them or eliminate them silently. Animal companions are useful in the clashes, among which there are e.g. crocodile Guapo or dog Chorizo (sweet!). And if you value the company of living individuals, Far Cry 6 can be played entirely in co-op mode. I appreciate this novelty and I think that the game can only gain when playing in two.

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