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Windward is a sandbox action game set in a procedurally generated world in which we'll play the role of a ship's captain, conquering the waters of the seas and oceans. The title was developed by independent Canadian studio Tasharen Entertainment, founded by former Gameloft programmer Michael Lyashenko. The game combines elements of two seemingly unrelated classics - Sid Meier's Pirates and Diablo. The fun consists in traversing a randomly generated world on board your own ship and successively taking control of certain points (e.g. ports). By the way, we also have to repel the attacks of other units controlled by artificial intelligence or by other players. At the same time, the title offers full freedom of play and the ability to choose methods of achieving success. Depending on our preferences, we can focus on diplomacy, trade and pure exploration, or become pirates spreading fear among other sailors.

Windward PC Download

As we travel through successive sea basins, we will obtain raw materials, thanks to which we can systematically develop our ship's skills. The available upgrades have been divided into three separate development trees, focusing on offensive, defensive, or support abilities. As the game progresses and new business contacts are made, the game offers more and more different tasks with increasing levels of difficulty. The reward for their creation is more and more raw materials and unique items that can be used during the game. Windward allows you to play alone, although the game was designed from the start for multiplayer gameplay, and it is in this mode that it spreads its wings and offers players a number of additional possibilities. As in most MMO strategies, in the game we can form alliances with other players and face the more difficult challenges in cooperation with them or fight for supremacy with competing teams.

Windward PC Download Free
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Game Producer:
Tasharen Entertainment
Game publisher:
Tasharen Entertainment
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OS: Vista.
CPU: 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent.
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4200.
DirectX: Version 9.0c.
HDD: 250 MB

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Windward I could almost feel the wind blowing on my neck as I transported goods and tourists at a leisurely pace from port to port, looking for a more valuable crew, or choosing the hem and color of the sails. I didn't have to rush anywhere, because even if a pirate took one of my towns, he never set off for another one quickly enough to make up for the loss. Sea battles, no matter how fierce, were also peaceful as we circled around each other like pure relaxation translated into the language of computers.

Windward I felt like the center of this open, tropical world - I was the one who decided when, as a rented boat, to defend a specific port or to conquer more and more challenging areas of a huge, randomly generated map.

Windward It's all so cute, that if it wasn't for the repetition of the game - because how many times you can build a lighthouse for commission, smuggle illegal goods or track and eliminate a specific brig - I could return to Windward every few days, because the "one more quest" syndrome is strong in the game . However, what is its greatest advantage, i.e. charming audio, becomes its greatest disadvantage, because you can learn it quickly by heart. Everything has its pros and cons.

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