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In Valheim we watch the action from the third person perspective (TPP). We start the game in a relatively quiet center of the procedurally generated land. Although we may feel reasonably safe there, the area is not very rich in natural resources. On the other hand, we need resources to create an ever better arsenal and armor, to build different structures such as fortresses or outposts, as well as to produce food for our character. Because of this, over time we begin to move further and further from the center; Crossing dense forests, gloomy swamps or even snow-capped mountain peaks on foot, once we reach the sea shore we have nothing else to do but build a boat and set off in search of unknown lands. With ever bolder exploration comes the need to confront ever greater threats. The clashes with aggressive animals and mythical beasts are dynamic, and during them we'll have to show dexterity and reflexes to block or dodge enemy blows in time and launch counterattacks. We eliminate opponents by using melee weapons (like swords and axes) and ranged weapons (like various bows).

Valheim PC Download

The action of Valheim takes place in the title Tenth World, which was reinvented from the ground up for this production (it wasn't present in the Scandinavian cosmogony). Warriors come to Valheim seeking eternal glory and a place in Valhalla must traverse this land and face the beasts that inhabit it. Those who survive are eventually adopted by the gods. Hearth and Home is the first major update for Valheim. It implements many changes related to the mechanics of eating. The correlation between stamina and hit points has been removed. Introduced for three categories of meals that give different bonuses to the above indicators. Plants were also added to induce vomiting to empty the stomach. There were also recipes for new dishes.

Valheim PC Download Frees
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Game Producer:
Iron Gate Studio
Game publisher:
Coffee Stain Publishing
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OS: Windows 7 or later.
CPU: i5 3GHz or better.
GPU: GeForce GTX 970 series or similar.
DirectX: Version 11.

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Valheim Okay, the rune stone standing nearby shows us our first target, so let's go. We, our fists and the procedurally generated world. And since there is survival here ... yes, the first thing we will do is hit young trees with our fists and collect sticks to build a wooden hammer. Later, with the help of stones, we will make a stone ax, which we will chop down more trees, build a crafting table, then a house, a bed, a fence, table upgrades, new things, we will kill a few pets, we will produce some back garments and butt pants ... it really started genre cliché.

Valheim It's hard for me to pinpoint the exact moment when this game really took a blush. First, I joined a Viking family with some friends and we built a small castle to equip ourselves for the first boss. This one, however, turned out to be quite easy and we went further with slightly mixed feelings. And I think it was when we entered the dark areas of the Black Forest that we started to approach the whole game with more and more enthusiasm. It is only the second boss that begins the real fun.

Valheim I'm flying on a raven. Somewhere above the treetops. In the distance I see some clearings, rivers, and a mountain on the horizon. The bird, however, throws me into the center of the stone circle and the aim of the game becomes clear - symbols of the five beasts are carved on five stones, and the chains with hooks hanging on them give no room for imagination - you have to hang their heads here. Yes, there is a plot in Valheim and probably in the case of a review of the finished product, it would be appropriate to mention it, but it is literally two boards with text about the Nordic underworld and there is nothing to focus on. At least I wasn't focusing, and I feel good about it.

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