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In Grounded, the player characters are reduced to ants and must survive in the dangerous realities of the sleepy garden of an American suburb. Tasks that are simple for a man of standard dimensions become a real challenge for the heroes of the game. As they play, they are forced to gather resources, craft items, and build a base using a variety of everyday objects. During the game we can choose between first and third person view.

The world of Grounded is inhabited by various aggressive creatures (eg spiders or ants) that hunt players. We deal with enemies using self-constructed primitive weapons, such as spears or bows. You can also craft armor and trampolines that allow you to travel faster around locations. Grounded boasts extensive artificial intelligence modules that recreate the behavior of animals known from reality. For example, ants act as colonies.

Grounded PC Download

Scouts in Grounded, after finding something interesting (eg us), drop pheromones that allow other ants to reach the same place or warn them against playing by players. In addition, our development does not go unnoticed, and expansion will sooner or later bring the wrath of the local fauna upon us. The game is diversified by the technological tree. In it, we slowly unlock better and better items, weapons and structures that make it easier to deal with more and more serious threats. Besides the typical sandbox gameplay, there are also many story missions.

Grounded takes place in a cucumber near a house in the suburbs. From a new perspective, the place becomes completely different – insects turn into giant monsters, and a baseball or patch of grass is an almost insurmountable obstacle. Herbicide is a toxic, polluted area. The creators made sure not only to create an interesting location, but also the entire ecosystem. The garden has a life of its own and the insects behave as you would expect. For example, bees look for nectar in flowers. In Grounded, an ant colony sends out scouts to look for food, and when they find it, they will fight players for it. Ants also communicate between colonies using pheromones.

Grounded is a four-player cooperative survival game. The task is to survive in a hostile environment and complete story challenges. Players must build various structures - including a shelter - as well as craft items that will be useful during the game. All objects in the garden can be turned into crafting materials, where, for example, felling trees, known from other games, replaces mowing the lawn. Like many other survival games, Grounded also comes into play with hunger and thirst indicators. If the character does not eat and drink enough, his life energy will gradually decrease - even if the hero does not die. To get water, it is enough to precipitate a drop suspended on a blade of grass. For example, a killed insect can be used as food.

Grounded PC Download Free
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Grounded Free

Game Producer:
Obsidian Entertainment
Game publisher:
Xbox Game Studios / Microsoft Studios
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OS: Windows 10 64bit
CPU: Intel Core i3-3225
GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti

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Grounded gameplay allows you to create your own weapons against the most dangerous and aggressive inhabitants of the urban ecosystem (spiders or ant soldiers) - bows, shields, swords, etc. In addition, we face the need to survive in extreme conditions, from time to time - if our resources allow - using from a special tech tree, improving your assortments and equipment.

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