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State of Decay 2 PC Download Free

State of Decay 2 on PC and XONE is a sequel to a hit game from Undead Labs Studio released in 2013. Like the first part, the title is a survival production with RPG elements in an open world. The main task of the player is to experience the reality of a zombie apocalypse, which requires pooling of resources, increasing the group of survivors, expanding lair and defending against undead attacks. A novelty in State of Decay 2 is the multiplayer where other players can help us to survive and collect. State of Decay 2 on PC and XONE is a third action game in which we'll have the opportunity to lead a small group of survivors. Instead of a single protagonist, the production features randomly generated characters with their own biographies, skills, and character traits that you can freely switch between. State of Decay 2 Download for PC Together, they build and expand their lair and collect the supplies necessary to survive. State of Decay 2 features a character development system modeled after the solutions from The Elder Scrolls RPG series - we train individual skills through appropriate activities. Over time, heroes emerge among group members - particularly influential individuals who can become community leaders. The tension is added by the fact that in case of the hero's death we lose him forever.

State of Decay 2 Download

The main pursuit in State of Decay 2 is breaking through buildings in search of resources. This usually requires sneaking in and quietly exiting the living corpses. Heroes can use different types of edged weapons (mostly improvised) and firearms, open combat is the last resort because it draws attention to stay close to the zombies. The fun is diversified by role-playing missions and additional tasks, as well as various random events. A novelty in the series are people hostile to us from other settlements, as well as the so-called The heart of the plague spreads the deadly virus under our wards. The basic variant of fun in State of Decay 2 is an open fictional campaign where the only thing that matters is surviving as long as possible. In addition to solo play, the title also allows for four-person collaboration, where the players who join the host will help him only develop his community without bringing him anything. It should be added that cooperation is the only form of multiplayer gameplay here - the creators indicated that they were more interested in creating a production where players would work together to counteract extermination. Therefore, people who cooperate with each other cannot hurt or rob each other.

State of Decay 2 PC Download Free
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State of Decay 2 PC

Game Producer:
Undead Labs
Game publisher:
Xbox Game Studios / Microsoft Studios
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CPU: AMD FX-8350 or i5 4570 @ 3.2 GHz
RAM: 16 GB
OS: Windows 10
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R9 380
HDD: 16 GB

Additional information

State of Decay 2 takes us to new regions of post-apocalyptic America, where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to survive. This time, in terms of gameplay, it is more interesting and fun than in the original, but some errors can be distracting. The beginning of the game gives a sense of a tailor-made story. We choose from various heroes with different statistics, and after a short introduction, we decide on one of the areas: mountainous and full of small population centers, lowland with farms and fields, or a moderately populated small-town region. In total, we get three large open worlds.

State of Decay 2 Equipped with basic items and a handful of survivors, we are looking for a shelter, which we change into a new headquarters and base. From this moment on, the proper game begins, i.e. a mix of community management and exploring the world in search of new resources that improve the quality of life. However, this is not an easy task due to the constant need to care for the well-being of individual residents, comfort bars straight from The Sims and managing resources for the construction of new rooms and elements of the base. Each decision has an impact on the morale of the group and failure to meet basic needs instantly leads to depression, despair and randomly generated tensions between members of the community.

State of Decay 2 It is also important to change the characters we control, because only through combat and exploration we develop their statistics and teach them new skills that affect the good of the entire group. We educate metallurgists, more efficient medics, more effective shooters and warriors. The key is to replenish your supplies, represented by orange backpacks. It can be confusing at first, as even having a stash full of various rifles, shotguns and ammunition for them in your hideout does not increase the ammo meter in the base - that's what collecting special backpacks is for.

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