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The Forest First-person horror with strong survival elements. The game was produced by Endnight Games Studio, which has an Endnight mobile account. The company was founded by people who previously worked on special effects in films like Tron: Legacy or 300. Sandbox survival horror with a first-person perspective (FPP). The Forest is the work of independent SKS Games Studio, best known for the smartphone hit, End Night. The Forest Download for PC Play as a man who survived a passenger plane accident. The hero wakes up at the wreck and, like Robinson Crusoe, tries to survive by building shelter and looking for food. However, it quickly turns out that the castaway is not alone on the island, but in the jungle there is a tribe of mutants - cannibals.

The Forest PC Download

The titular forest is partially dynamic - the weather is constantly changing, and some plants grow and wither, and the daily cycle occurs. The island also has a large system of underground caves and tunnels that connect them while giving the player freedom to explore the world. Survival elements play an important role here - we need to cut down trees to get firewood or building material for shelter, it is also necessary to look for food, hunt animals and grow crops. Day and night we must resist the attacks of the mutants. The extensive crafting system allows you to build your own weapons and traps, and the game also features stealth elements and often the best way to survive is to avoid contact with cannibals. Interestingly, the mutant tribe does not behave like animals - each of them has its own beliefs, traditions and relationships with other members of the clan. There will be quite a lot of adversity, and the worst are: cannibals, hunger, thirst and cold. There's a way to deal with any opponent, but it'll take a few hours for us to master the situation.If your stomach is growling, the easiest way is to pick up sticks and create a simple trap. Rabbits will theoretically fall in, but sometimes a clumsy lizard (which likes to hook its tail on a fire, too) will fall in too. If you don't have the patience to hunt, you can always walk to the beach. Sea turtles need to be hit somewhere in the neck vertebra rather than blindly banging on the shell with a hatchet, but their advantage is that they are in no hurry.

The Forest PC Download Free
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The Forest PC

Game Producer:
Endnight Games
Game publisher:
Endnight Games
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OS: Windows 7 SP1, 32-bit.
CPU: Core 2 Duo E2200 2.4GHz / Athlon 7550 Dual Core.
RAM: 4 GB.
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT / Radeon HD 4830.
HDD: 5 GB.

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The Forest Architect games are much more interesting. First of all, because in addition to defined structures such as a house, gazebo or fireplace, The Forest also offers a whole range of simple elements such as a foundation, floor, stairs or roof. This creates great opportunities when it comes to designing your dream property. After selecting an element, its outline simply appears in the game world and we can maneuver it at will until it is where we want. Then we just run around in search of materials and fill the outline with elements. Compared to the first versions, it works really well, but the game still has Fallout syndrome, where some objects fit together almost miraculously. Usually, when we are already in the middle of construction, cannibals will remind us of themselves.

The Forest They generally live in their own villages on the island, and these can be easily avoided. Opponents, on the other hand, can observe a significant number of trees being cleared or a fire smoldering between the trees. In the event of a meeting, a lot depends on the level of difficulty and time spent on the game. At the beginning, it is a good idea to run away and wait until the enemies leave our village. On the other hand, on a normal level of difficulty, chopping up our visitors with an ax is so simple that it's just a matter of consideration. Over time, cannibals cease to be a threat as soon as the player develops and surrounds his own house with traps. For me, this state of affairs is fully enough for happiness, especially since the more courageous can also choose the hardcore mode.

The Forest I liked visiting interesting places much more, which we can find on the island. One of the biggest advantages of the game is that it is not limited to battles with the inhabitants of the island. Have you ever expected a visit to such a place to be associated with an overnight stay on a luxury yacht? Or that in dark as grave caves you will find a huge warehouse of goods? I also spent a lot of time trying to climb a huge mountain covered with snow and struggling with frostbites along the way. Overall, the world of The Forest is quite large, although of course it is still far from the average size of Fallout 4. You can see that the creators were more interested in each location having its own character.

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