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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator PC Download Free

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator lets you simulate large-scale clashes in which tens of thousands of units can participate. Although the number of soldiers on the screen at one time, recommended by the creators, is ten thousand, owners of sufficiently powerful computers can create much more powerful troops against each other. The whole thing is adorned with a good dose of specific humor, which is mainly manifested in who we line up to fight. A multitude of warriors (and in some cases "warriors") can clash on the battlefield. Their wide range is opened by Roman centurions, medieval knights, Spartans and Persians. But that's not the end of the extensive list - orcs and trolls, even Santa Clauses, penguins and chickens can take part in the skirmishes. Each unit has a unique type of attack, and while it may seem that in certain configurations one of the conflicting parties has a clear advantage over the opposing forces, nothing is decided here.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator PC Download

The battles take place in a variety of environments - from winter landscapes to mountain peaks and desert areas to green meadows. The events depicted can be observed from any perspective, giving a broader insight into the course of the battle. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator on the PC platform is based on Unity technology. The engine underwent various modifications, which made it possible to maintain a relatively high-quality three-dimensional graphic design with an impressive number of units visible on the screen at once. The whole thing is complemented by a dynamic lighting system and a detailed sound layer - battles are accompanied by realistic warrior screams and characteristic sounds of the animals involved in them. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator (aka UEBS) is a real-time strategy and simulation hybrid that was produced and released by Brilliant Game Studios on June 2nd, 2017 for Windows PC only. As part of Early Access, production started on April 12, 2017. The production runs on the Unity engine, which has been adapted to the needs of the game with a few modifications. It allows you to render a large number of units on the battlefield with good graphics, and although the creators recommend a limit of 10,000 units, people with more powerful PCs can afford much more. The player can only see this production in the single player game.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator PC Download Free
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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator PC

Game Producer:
Brilliant Game Studios
Game publisher:
Brilliant Game Studios
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CPU: Intel Core i5 4590, AMD FX 8320 or greater
OS: Windows Vista Or Later
GPU: (DirectX 11) AMD Radeon HD 5770 1024MB | NVIDIA GTS 450 1024MB | Intel HD4000 @720P.

Additional information

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator The gameplay mechanics are based on simulating clashes in various areas between various opponents. We have units typical of the strategy, such as knights, centurions, hoplites, and unusual ones that affect the humorous aspect of production, such as T-rex, chickens, penguins or St. Mykolaiv. The production received a friendly reception from the community, and the ratings on Steam are mostly positive. UEBS also has many modifications that significantly extend the life of a production that has quite stringent requirements.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Have you ever wondered how a battle would end with the Roman army facing 10,000 chickens? Or one where 10,000 WWII soldiers would face 10,000 medieval warriors? There are simulators to check this out, and one of them, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, can be temporarily redeemed for free on Steam.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator As the name suggests, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a simulator that allows you to play out various and really bizarre battle scenarios. It is strange, because each side of the conflict can be equipped with units such as soldiers from various eras, zombies or the aforementioned chickens. In fact, you can install a lot of mods to the game, which additionally introduce new ones, including famous characters from movies, games, series or comics.

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