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Vampyr is a dark action RPG game developed by Dontnod Entertainment Studio - an independent French development team known for the action game Remember Me and episodic adventure Life is Strange. This title is edited by Focus Home Interactive, which has been in the publishing market since 1996. Like previous work by this team, the subject matter described here went not only to personal computers, but also to consoles. The game leans heavily on the style of gothic horror, and in the background of other productions of this type, what stands out above all is the complex network of moral decisions that should bring all the player's actions into the state of the game world. Vampyr Download for PC The plot of the game takes us back to a time when an epidemic of the deadly flu called "Spanish" was raging in Europe and violence and fear reigned in the streets of London. You play the role of Jonathan E. Reid - a renowned military surgeon who returns from the front lines of World War I with a mission to help sick people and find a way to stop the deadly epidemic. Shortly after arriving in the city, our protagonist wakes up in a mass grave and discovers that he has become a vampire. From then on, he will not only have to contend with the plague itself, but also with the nature and bloodlust of his new bloodsucker, leading to the need to make tough moral choices. Who we kill and who we save can affect the course of the storyline.

Vampyr PC Download

In terms of mechanics, we're dealing with a typical eruption. During the game we traverse the dark streets of London, carry out a number of main and side activities and talk to the encountered independent characters. Quite often we face a deadly adversary, including a new, aggressive vampire species that most likely arose due to Spanish mutations. Along the way, vampire hunters who are members of an old organization are also reappointed to defend the people in the face of a new threat. Combat with them takes place in real time, and we use it both with improvised white and fire weapons, and with special vampire abilities developed throughout the game. Clashes are dynamic and depend not only on the development of Jonathan's skills, but also on the player's performance and are characterized by a high level of difficulty. Of course, as befits a bloodsucker game, the production didn't lack such an important element as drinking the blood of the victims. Any character can become them - be it an opponent during combat or a poor sorrow encountered during exploration. We often have to make difficult decisions about which of the independent characters will become our next target, because once eliminated, she will disappear from the game's world forever, worsening the state of the city in the face of the crisis. The creators introduced more than sixty Londoners into the game, who have a precise profile and individual characteristics. Drinking the blood of a random victim can have unexpected effects. Therefore, it is important to first identify the situation and get as much information as possible about your chosen destination. Blood is also an equivalent of experience points, and the more we drink it, the stronger the main character becomes. Killing enemies or completing tasks also leads to an increase in experience points, but just sucking the life of one of the dwellers will significantly contribute to the development of the character. Interestingly, the whole game can be done without killing NPCs, but it increases the difficulty significantly.

Vampyr PC Download Free
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Game Producer:
DONTNOD Entertainment
Game publisher:
Focus Entertainment / Focus Home Interactive
RPG, Scary
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CPU: Intel Core i7-3930K (3.2 GHz)/AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (3.2 GHz)
RAM: 16 GB.
OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bits)
GPU: 4 GB, GeForce GTX 970/Radeon R9 390.
HDD: 20 GB.

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Vampyr Given how heavily the subject of vampires is exploited in pop culture, the small number of fresh bloodsucker games may come as a surprise. Legacy of Kain, BloodRayne or Vampire: The Masquerade are series dead for a long time, the last Castlevania was released at the beginning of 2014, so the only noteworthy items featuring vampires in recent years are the comedy InFamous: Festival of Blood on PlayStation 3 and, of course, an excellent expansion pack to The Witcher 3 - Blood and Wine. The Paris developer was faced with a difficult task to restore the children of the night to their rightful place in the zero-one world, and at the same time create a solid RPG that will be used by both fans of the genre and people who just want to play a good title with a vampire in the lead role. Fortunately, the French, richer in the experience gained during the development of Remember Me and Life Is Strange, with a budget at the level of AA games, stood up to the task.

Action Vampyr takes us to London in 1918, shortly after the end of World War I. After the outbreak of the "Spanish flu" epidemic in the United States, the plague spread to Europe along with transports of American soldiers, mainly to the territories of France and Great Britain. The capital of the kingdom is bleeding out, and the hardest are people from low social levels who live in places where it is difficult to obtain medical care or maintain proper hygiene. As if that were not enough, the dirty streets of the city are also inhabited by a vampire community that has its own plans for mortals. The player's avatar is Jonathan E. Reid, a recognized English surgeon who has just returned from the front, where he served as a doctor in the infirmary.

Vampyr Unfortunately, shortly thereafter he is attacked by a mysterious attacker and turns into a vampire. Frightened by his new form, he must not only find the perpetrator and take revenge, but also fight an internal struggle, deciding whether he wants to sacrifice himself for the city's inhabitants, helping them, or succumb to the thirst for human blood. To make matters worse, a mysterious organization of vampire hunters, whose sole purpose is to eliminate all bloodsuckers, is on his heels. Will Jonathan survive in the streets of 20th century London, and if so, at what cost? The hero Dr. Swansea is a trustworthy person, or is it not? At the end, every player who gives Vampyr a chance will have to answer the above questions, because it is only up to us what direction the story of Dr. Reid will take.

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