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Vampyr for PC Download is a dark action RPG game, which is developed by the Dontnod Entertainment studio – an independent French development team, known for the Remember Me action game and the episode adventure Life is Strange. The issue of this title was taken over by Focus Home Interactive, which has been on the publishing market since 1996. Like the previous works of this team, the item described here went not only to personal computers, but also to consoles. The game draws heavily from the style of gothic horror, and in the background of other productions of this type is distinguished primarily due to the complex network of moral choices, which is intended to make all of the player’s actions are reflected in the condition of the game world.


Download Vampyr for PC free InstallShield

Vampyr DownloadThe action of the game takes us back to a time when an epidemic of deadly flu called a Spanish raged in Europe, and violence and fear prevailed on the streets of London. You play the role of Jonathan E. Reid – a renowned military surgeon who returns from the front of World War I with the mission of helping sick people and finding a way to stop the deadly epidemic. Shortly after arriving in the city, our protagonist wakes up in a mass grave and discovers that he has become a vampire. From then on he will have to struggle not only with the plague itself, but also with his new blood-sucker’s nature and bloodlust, which leads to the necessity of making heavy moral choices. Who we kill and who we save can affect the course of the plot.

In terms of mechanics, we deal with quite a typical action eruption. During the game, we cross the dark streets of London, performing a number of main and side tasks and talking to the independent characters encountered. Quite often, we face a deadly opponent, including a new, aggressive vampire species that has most likely appeared due to Spanish-induced mutations. On our way there are also vampire hunters, that is members of an ancient organization, re-appointed to defend people in the face of a new threat. The fight with them takes place in real time, and we use it both with improvised white and firearms, as well as with special vampire skills developed in the course of the game. Clashes are dynamic and depend not only on the development of Jonathan’s skills, but also on the player’s performance, and are characterized by a high level of difficulty.

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Of course, as befits a blood-sucker game, the production also did not lack such an important element as drinking blood of the victims. Any character can become them – be it an opponent during a fight, or a poor woe encountered during exploration. We often have to make difficult decisions as to which of the independent characters will become our next goal, because once eliminated it disappears from the world of the game forever, worsening the city’s condition in the face of the crisis. The creators introduced over sixty London residents to the game, who have an accurate profile and individual features. Drinking the blood of an accidental victim may have unexpected effects, so it is important to first recognize the situation and get as much information as possible about your chosen goal. Blood is also an equivalent of experience points, so the more we drink it, the stronger the main character will become. Killing enemies or performing tasks also provides an increase in experience points, but only sucking the life out of one of the inhabitants will significantly contribute to the development of the character. Interestingly, the whole game can be passed without killing NPCs, but it significantly increases the level of difficulty.


CPU: Intel Core i7-3930K (3.2 GHz)/AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (3.2 GHz)
RAM: 16 GB.
OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bits)
GPU: 4 GB, GeForce GTX 970/Radeon R9 390.
HDD: 20 GB.

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