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Chronos Before the Ashes PC Free Download

Download Chronos Before the Ashes is an Action RPG game developed by Gunfire Games studio. As a prequel to the Chronos game released in 2016, the production takes us into the universe created for its needs; the same one where the action of Remnant: From the Ashes takes place. The events in Chronos: Before the Ashes take place before the story told in the first part of the series. The main character of the game is a chosen one who wants to save his homeland from the ancient evil. To do this, the protagonist (or the heroine, as we can choose the gender of the character) will have to get through a mysterious maze and face the dangers that lurk there. As we progress we will discover new mysteries of this world and, among other things, learn about the nature of the labyrinth itself. Chronos Before the Ashes Download for PC Looking at the events from the third-person perspective (TPP), in Chronos: Before the Ashes we travel through the ancient labyrinth and fight against hordes of monsters, including goblins , golems and minotaurs. The clashes are difficult and dynamic and require not only skill and reflexes, but also tactical thinking. As we progress, we acquire new equipment and learn increasingly powerful combat skills. The fight is varied with intricate puzzles waiting to be solved.

Chronos Before the Ashes PC Download

If our character dies on the battlefield, he still has to wait a year to return to the maze. This means that as she progresses, she becomes stronger and stronger, and then ... on the contrary, because age begins to bother her more and more. For this reason, although we start our adventure as a young person with a large sword, over time we must tend to keep enemies at a distance and eliminate them with magic. Chronos: Before the Ashes has decent graphics quality. Despite the cartoon style, the whole thing is decorated with rather somber colors, which in combination with the sparse lighting of many locations creates a gloomy atmosphere. Unlike the original, the title doesn't require any virtual reality sets.

Chronos Before the Ashes PC Free Download
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Chronos Before the Ashes PC

Game Producer:
Gunfire Games
Game publisher:
THQ Nordic / Nordic Games
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OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 64 bit.
CPU: AMD FX-8320 (3,5 GHz) / Intel i5-4690K (3,5 GHz) or better.
GPU: GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon R7 370 with 2 GB VRAM..

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We already have a lot of games of this type, but what distinguishes Chronos Before the Ashes from all this "hardcore" mob is its accessibility. That's why I dare to say that Chronos: Before the Ashes is by far the best way to enter the soulslike genre. The game is definitely easier than the other productions, following the goose path trodden by Dark Souls, which, however, does not mean that it is trivial. You should still be careful here, because it is relatively easy to die, but the game leaves a fairly large margin of error. You can also always choose a higher (or lower) difficulty level, which should satisfy the needs of the more demanding players.

Chronos Before the Ashes Nothing can be done about the basic combat and development system. First of all, we do not have much influence on the character class we play, because we are limited to the classic warrior with a sword. The only option to personalize our experience is to choose between a weapon that requires dexterity and a weapon that is gaining in the hands of a skillful soldier. Chronos Before the Ashes Dexterity and strength are two out of only four stats between which we will have to distribute the points we gain every level. This "statistical" poverty unfortunately makes the development of the hero brainless, because it all comes down to increasing his vitality and one of the two above-mentioned attributes.

It gets much more interesting when we get lost a bit. Chronos Before the Ashes offers a very unique mechanic of aging our hero. From the very beginning, the game points out that after each death, the protagonist will have to wait a year before being able to continue his mission. So while the player is seconds away from death to resurrection, Chronos returns a little older each time. However, this is not a purely aesthetic procedure, limited to a growing beard or graying hair - aging has a direct impact on the gameplay. As the years go by, the hero's body ceases to be as efficient as when he was young, so increasing strength or dexterity requires more points. Chronos Before the Ashes It is worth investing them in the so-called mystical power, which in turn "cheaper" as we age. In addition, every ten years we get the option to choose one of three special abilities, such as faster dodge or greater resistance to damage. The maximum age closes at the round 80, so it's easy, you can't die of old age here. Although this is a really interesting mechanic, more experienced players probably won't experience it fully. Personally, I finished the game around the age of thirty, so I didn't have to change my "developmental" habits for a moment.

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