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Conan Exiles PC Download Free

Conan Exiles Set in a fantastic universe of Conan sandbox action game with elements of survival, developed by a team from Norwegian studio Funcom, known thanks to adventure series The Longest Journey and the MMORPG Age of Conan. During the game we take on one of the outcasts whose main task is to survive in the brutal and inhospitable world. Conan Exiles for PC Download Mechanics gameplay Conan Exiles is no different from the majority of productions of this type, and the party is focused on fighting, gaining food and acquiring raw materials, through which we get mass usable equipment can produce and build a hideout, offer us protection from the dangers and possible attacks from wild animals or other players. The entire course focuses mainly on multiplayer, allowing players to join forces in completing tasks or climbing hideouts. Developers from Studio Funcom took care of it, but also a full-fledged single-player mode.

Conan Exiles PC Download

Action Conan Exiles takes place in a fantasy universe of Conan the Barbarian. The player takes on the role of an outcast, doomed to crawl wild, dangerous waste. Although the story role fully support extended gameplay, during the game giving way we have the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich history of the world, hidden in the ancient ruins - ancient civilizations left behind both books and various inscriptions depicting past events to describe. World Conan Exiles is not a safe place - are a threat both to the unpredictable weather conditions, led by sandstorms and aggressive fauna, and encounters with human opponents: the various varieties of bandits and outlaws. The latter is worth capturing alive to devote her heart to the altars of the gods. Deities are able to give us unique abilities that often determine the course of clashes.

Conan Exiles PC Download Free
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CPU: Intel Core i3 3.0 GHz or AMD equivalent
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 (2GB) or AMD equivalent
HDD: 35 GB

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Conan Exiles At the beginning of the game, we can see a very well-made video theoretically introducing us to the atmosphere of the game, full of mystery, adventure and dangers awaiting our character. Later, however, all this is quite strongly rejected and we are basically thrown into action, while having a few objects to interact with, which we can use to learn more about the secrets of the distant world. From now on, we have complete freedom, and how we learn about his past or present depends on our commitment to finding various types of clues and traces of the past.

The creators spent a lot of time so that we could derive a lot of satisfaction from discovering the history and learning the secrets of a world that is also alien to Conan Exiles himself. The latter plays a great role here, which we will have the opportunity to get to know better during the following hours of fun. However, Conan Exiles is not about some main themes, but about creating your own stories which are a unique experience not only on every other server. The much larger world of the full version provides a great dose of knowledge and history taking place in very different conditions (deserts, jungles, the Frosty North or the vicinity of a volcano).

Conan Exiles allows us to create our warrior, who unfortunately starts the fight for survival by ... gathering the right amount of material / fiber to create his basic outfit. Since seeing the video material, we are on our own and set out to fight the heat, lack of clothing, shelter and many unfavorable conditions to which we simply have to adapt. So we start with collecting materials and assembling the first crude objects that open up new possibilities for us. Conan Exiles Our adventure looks particularly impressive when we take into account that everything starts with having nothing and ends with creating breathtaking gigantic constructions. Often they are even small, living towns full of slaves working for us and barbarians who keep peace.

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