Death’s Gambit PC Download Free InstallShield

Death’s Gambit PC Download Free InstallShield

Death’s Gambit for PC Download Is an old school, two-dimensional action RPG, influences from the likes of Castlevania classics and contemporary production of the souls of the console demon type. Responsible for creating the game is independent US studio White Rabbit.



Download Death’s Gambit for PC free InstallShield


Death’s Gambit Download The game takes place in the messenger of death called Gambit, and our task is to extinguish the world of immortals. With our mission held in the style of medieval alien planets, where we host the knights, undead and other monsters of various kinds are faced. From time to time, also powerful monsters, whose defeat require a rise to the body torturers, and his weak points. This element of the game, in turn, can obviously conjure up associations with the cult Shadow of the Colossus of the PlayStation 2 console.

The game is primarily focused on the elements of the plot and, as mentioned Demon Souls emphasizes the high level of difficulty, requires player action and unconventional thinking to advise. The game does not run, but simple RPG elements such as leveling system and character development, and a fairly large amount of available weapons and equipment. At the moment our character can be equipped with three different special abilities (magic), a healing amulet, and two different types of weapons (including swords, arcs, and even firearms).

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The authors of the game among independent artists to bring fashion, pikselowatą retro-styling. The whole is presented in a two-dimensional perspective from the side, reminiscent of classic platformer and first productions as for the action RPG from the series Castlevania presents. Despite this climate looks appropriate game attractive and do not insult its oldskulowością, and the atmosphere of the game also turns up the typical film soundtrack of Kyle Hnedaka.


Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Dual Core 2.4 Ghz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video Memory: 512 MB

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