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Diablo II Resurrected for PC Download Diablo 2 is a production that has gone down in the annals of game history and has become a model for other creators trying their hand at the hack’and’slash genre. After more than 20 years, Blizzard Entertainment decided to release a remaster of the cult multiplayer production, introducing additional improvements and taking care of the modern graphic design. Diablo 2: Resurrected includes both the basic version of the game and the addition of Lord of Destruction, known in Poland as Lord of Destruction.


Download Diablo II Resurrected for PC free InstallShield

Diablo II Resurrected DownloadDiablo 2: Resurrected does not differ in plot from what we know from the original and takes us on an adventure closed in five acts, in which we traverse the barbaric city of Harrogath at the top of Mount Arreat, the desert areas and settlements of Lut Gholein or the Pandemonium Fortress. We still have one goal, which is to get rid of Diablo – the title Lord of Terror, who was not finally annihilated, and now not only has he possessed prince Aidan, but also plans to free the rest of his hellish siblings to finally gain power over humanity.

Playing Diablo 2: Resurrected begins with choosing one of the 7 available character classes, such as necromancer, amazon, barbarian, paladin and sorceress as well as assassin and druid. Each of them has different skills and playing with them requires different tactics, as well as the distribution of points in statistics. Only then do we start the adventure in the world of Sanctuary, in which we face hordes of hostile hosts and murderous bosses. Just like the storyline, the gameplay itself does not differ from the original version of the game. Not counting a few improvements, such as more space in the chest (10×10 grid squares instead of 6×8), automatic gold pick-up, a clearer interface, seasonal rankings and the ability to share items between our characters, including those created on other platforms.

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Most changes came from the need to adapt the title to today’s standards. Diablo 2: Resurrected features full 3D rendering with dynamic lighting, supports 4k resolution, and also features renewed and improved spell effects and character animations, and step-by-step recreated cutscenes adapted to higher resolutions. The audio track was also improved by implementing 7.1 sound quality and adding immersion-enriching sound effects. However, if players prefer the classic look of production, there is nothing to prevent them from returning to 2D mode using the option available in the game. The game also offers mod support. Importantly, developers from Blizzard announced that the Diablo 2 remaster will not repeat the controversial solution used in Warcraft 3 Reforged and the refreshed edition of the game will function alongside the original one and will not replace it.


OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3-3250 3.5GHz / AMD FX-4350
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7850 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
HDD: 30 GB
DirectX 11 Compatible Graphics Card

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