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Dungeon Rats PC Free Download

Dungeon Rats Download Age of Decadence was a turn-based adventure game that had gameplay elements similar to the Elder Scrolls series where players could sneak, steal, talk, negotiate, and threaten. The Age of Decadence was noted for its detailed character customization, diverse world, and massive amount of choices and options you could make to give both freedom and replayability to the game because of the variety it had to offer. The only thing players wanted more from the age of decadence was a party-based combat system. Iron Tower Studio developers heard this request and made a new spin-off game based on the feedback. Dungeon Rats story begins with you a new prisoner. To survive this lawless prison sounds like you'll have to fight rival gangs and villains looking for their own. You can recruit other prisoners to fight alongside you to stand up and survive. If you prefer a lone wolf playstyle, you can still choose to do so and play without hiring other party members. The developers released a gameplay trailer video so check out the video I linked below.

Dungeon Rats PC Download

Dungeon Rats also offers the same level of detail of customization from its predecessor, as well as its strategic turn-based combat system. The developers say there are eight different weapon types to choose from, ranging from standard swords to bows, spears, and throwing weapons. Combat is very tactical and if you use proper strategy and flanking tactics you actually receive a combat bonus to help put the odds in your favor. In addition, you'll be able to create new items and weapons to help you in battle, or use alchemy to create potions, poisons and liquid fire. Last but not least, based on the choices you make in the game you'll be able to get up to four different endings.

Dungeon Rats PC Free Download
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Dungeon Rats PC

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Iron Tower
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CPU: 2 GHz Processor or better
OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 / Radeon HD 4770 (1Gb) or better
HDD: 1,5 GB

Additional information

Dungeon Rats is definitely a less elaborate project focusing on the history of prisoners who escape from the lowest floor of the mine. At the beginning, the player creates his protagonist and distributes the appropriate skill points to him. The key choice is to allocate charisma points - the number of charisma points depends on how many companions our hero will be able to have. There can be a maximum of three of them, but nothing prevents you from becoming a lone wolf. It also has its advantages, as experience points after each fight are divided by the number of members in the team. So - less people, faster leveling. The experience points earned are distributed on combat proficiency with a given weapon (there are eight types) and defensive attributes, such as dodge.

Dungeon Rats is a dungeon crawler, and danger lurks at every turn. The escape of the prisoners is the battles themselves, which makes Dungeon Rats different from Age of Decadence, where they could be avoided. So combat is the foundation of the game, but luckily it is really solid. Dungeon Rats First of all, the clashes take place in a turn-based system, where each move or attack costs some action points. Before the fight begins, we have to place our protagonists on the fields, which in a way already gives some tactical maneuvers. Depending on the weapon, the player has special attacks that distinguish the weapon. The battles are quite difficult, but you shouldn't give up. Anyway, be prepared for the fact that the death of the main character will happen quite often. It should be emphasized, however, that the victorious clashes give great satisfaction, although it may also happen that they will be Pyrrhic.

The creators of Dungeon Rats tried to implement some short cut-scenes from the fights, thanks to which we can play with alchemy and crafting. Alchemy allows the player to create healing potions, an antidote to poison, and of course the poison itself. It's hard to get a positive outcome to the fight without it - as I have already mentioned, the game is very demanding and it's hard to do without such helpers. Crafting allows you to create armor and weapons - and the idea is the same as in the case of alchemy.

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