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Hex Shards of Fate PC Download Free

Hex Shards of Fate Rooted in reality the fantasy game combines elements of MMORPG and karcianki. He is responsible for his creation Studio Cryptozoic Entertainment, with the aim of accounting, among other things, table card game World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. The game is set in a fantasy world of Entrath that was at peace until recently, and the spell was a rare phenomenon. Everything changed after the fall of a giant meteorite, all of whose chips were activated in the practice of magic, and consequently waged war between nations. The game is set in a fantasy world known as Entrath. Long ago, it was inhabited by numerous tribes, the ongoing war between them was small, and magic was a rare phenomenon. This changed with the arrival of Hexa, a giant meteorite made up of mysterious crystals. It pierced through the planet and created a hole through it to become huge volcanoes. Sam Hex was eventually trapped by the gravitational field and began as a satellite circulating Entrath. On the surface of the planet there were countless fractions of crystals, which enabled every owner of practicing magic. Thanks to the powers of individual nations began a dynamic development and eventually between them had to go to the First World War.

Hex Shards of Fate PC Download

Hex Shards of Fate Download for PC Players create their character choosing from 8 races and 6 classes belonging to two warring factions: Ardent and Underworld. The model MMORPG game comes to explore and feature different tasks in which we will gain experience, gold and equipment. The combat itself, however, takes place in the manner of popular card games, in which individual players build their own decks, symbolizing the characters, items, and spells. At the beginning of the game peoples of Entrath divided into two factions. The first is the Ardent, which includes humans, elves, orcs, and the humanoid race known as the Coyote Coyotle. The other side of the conflict is the underworld - in its ranks find dwarves, undead, aggressive humanoid rabbits Shin'hare and species called Veneen, which is a combination of orcs with spiders. All this information is just an excerpt from the rich world prepared by the authors. Hex: Shards of Fate offers a very rich layer of narrative - both Entrath and inhabiting nations have their own stories and beliefs.

Hex Shards of Fate PC Download Free
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Hex Shards of Fate PC

Game Producer:
Cryptozoic Entertainment
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Gameforge AG
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The whole adventure of Hex Shards of Fate begins with creating a champion. There are two sides to the conflict to choose from: the Ardent (the good ones) and the Underground (the less good ones). The first are Humans, Orcs, Cotoyl and Elves. And on the other side we have Necromancers, Dwarves, Shin'hade and Vennen. There are three classes available in each race: Cleric, Warrior and Mage. Their choice defines not only the portrait during dialogues, but also specific talents that may be useful throughout the game. These are mostly passive skills that don't have a decisive influence on the subsequent hands.

Hex Shards of Fate The campaign is a campaign, not everyone will want to play the game of a knight. So what else can you get in Hex: Shards of Fate? The aforementioned tutorial, the Frost Circle Arena (successive duels with - increasingly difficult - artificial intelligence), a whole lot of tournaments organized not only by producers, but primarily by the players themselves. The variety of modifiers of the rules allows for relatively comfortable fun for almost every malcontent.

Compared to the recently tested beta version, the technical quality of the game has improved significantly. Hex Shards of Fate I complained about not fully loaded card graphics or similar "scraps", but in testing the already published, among others on Steam "full-body", I did not notice any glitches or bugs. Only Polish is a problem, because of course Hex: Shards of Fate has native subtitles. Often, instead of the name of a given unit, a tag simply appeared on the screen directly from the source code.

What's more - with the introduction of the story campaign, the arenas themselves gained, now appearing in several variants. Hex Shards of Fate Not only the surroundings, but also the colors and the type of background music change. Although this one is still relatively unnoticeable, very calm (maybe a bit too much), I still prefer playing games with my own compositions.

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