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Just Cause 4 It is the fourth installment in the popular open world action game series maintained by Swedish team Avalanche Studios. As in the previous part of the series, the production hit the platforms PS4, PC and XONE, among others. The plot The main character of Just Cause 4 is known from the previous installments of the Rico Rodriguez series. This time the protagonist goes to the fictional state of Solis in South America, whose residents not only have to deal with the effects of violent weather phenomena, but also with the regime put in place by Black Hand, a paramilitary organization led by the ruthless Gabriel Morales. Heros must deal with them, spreading chaos and destruction wherever he appears and discovering the truth about his father. Just Cause 4 Download for PC In PS4, PC and XONE Just Cause 4 released on the platform, the action was shown from the third person perspective (TPP). We find here an open world with an area of ​​one thousand and twenty square kilometers. This is the biggest "sand pit" of anything Avalanche Studios has created to date; We find here both tropical forests, high mountains and desert areas as well as cities and villages. We move both on foot and behind the controls of various vehicles and machines; In addition to the parts known from previous parts of motorcycles, cars, helicopters and fighters, we also have car transporters, bulldozers, cranes, personal water scooters and microjets. Additionally, exploration is enhanced with the option of gliding with wing suits or parachuting.

Just Cause 4 PC Download

In the course of battles, we role-play and engage in various side activities, gradually reducing the Black Hand's sphere of influence. Rico offers a wide range of weapons and gadgets. The most important of these is the famous line with a hook, with which you can combine any objects or elements of the environment. Although earlier it was possible to use it in various ways, the range of its possibilities has expanded. During the game we can change it at our discretion, enriching it with, for example, a rocket launcher that will raise the objects hit. However, the biggest novelty compared to previous Just Cause games is the aforementioned variable weather conditions in the form of tropical storms, tornadoes, sandstorms or blizzards. Their presence gives Rico an added advantage as they are not just visual effects but fully simulated phenomena. For example, a hurricane can absorb cars and smaller objects, as well as destroy buildings.

Just Cause 4 PC Download Free
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Just Cause 4 PC

Game Producer:
Avalanche Studios
Game publisher:
Square Enix
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CPU: Intel Core i7-4770 @ 3.4 GHz | AMD Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.2 GHz or equivalent.
RAM: 16 GB.
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (6GB VRAM or better) | AMD Vega 56 (6GB VRAM or better)
HDD: 59 GB.

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If you are looking for an ambitious and surprising story or multi-faceted characters, Just Cause 4 is not a very good choice. But when the priority is ruthless, crazy and destructive action, you will not want to detach from the screen. The Just Cause series has never tried to go down in history as a production that reached the heights of fiction. The situation is similar in the case of the fourth part, where the most important thing is simply destruction and uninhibited action.

Just Cause 4 Rico Rodriguez, the main character of the game, this time goes to the land of Solis. Together with the resistance, we fight the private military company Black Hand, headed by Gabriela Morales and Oscar Espinosa. It is the latter character who is the main antagonist in Just Cause 4. The man wants to take over Solis, and ultimately the whole world. He has quite good arguments for this, in the form of inventions that can change the weather. So we experience whirlwinds, dangerous electrical discharges and sandstorms. It all looks very effective.

What's to be hidden, the story is not captivating and in fact, in Just Cause 4 we can have a great time, even skipping all cutscenes. Especially when we realize that the game throws you into the deep almost from the first mission. There is no gradation of emotions, standard for many games, or acquiring more and more powerful weapons. The entire arsenal is available almost immediately, and the improvements and progress are most visible in the gadgets used by Rico Rodriguez. Just Cause 4 The hook, i.e. a line with a hook, has become the showcase of the series. We still use the gadget to quickly move, grab and connect various objects or opponents. In addition, a parachute and a gliding suit are available, which - with proper use - allow for quick movement without the need to use vehicles.

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