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Mafia III PC Free Download

Mafia III Free for PC is another scene-recognized series of third-person action games, created by the Hangar 13 studio, composed of former employees of 2K Czech. The first part of the series, titled Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, was released in 2002 on PlayStation 2 console, Xbox and PC. The title was warmly welcomed by environment gamers, but its sequel had to wait until 2010 when it saw the light of day Mafia II developed for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The production was good, albeit a controversial position, causing mixed reviews among fans. This did not prevent the company 2K Games in lining up money for the production of three. About their first heard in August 2012, when Czech Eurogamer sources today announced the start of the game Mafia III. However, we had to wait until July 2015 for the official announcement. Production in the PC version, as well as many other multi-platform projects, is not fundamentally different from the console releases. It all boils down to better quality graphics below, unless of course you device meets the production requirements. In terms of gameplay and content we are dealing with the same game on all platforms. The game Mafia III for Windows PC was set in 1968 in the fictional city modeled on New Orel, and the main character is a man named Lincoln Clay - a veteran of the Vietnam War, belonging to unspecified criminal organization.

Mafia III PC Download

Although the action game from the beginning of the Auto series took place in open worlds, the third game in terms of gameplay approached quite competitively with Grand Theft. Streets have been filled with a range of non-core activities that can be addressed in the intervals between successive missions, but they all have a significant impact on the story. One of the main differences between the mafia and GTA is the artificial intelligence of the inhabitants of the metropolis, which, like the main character of the story, performs a number of different activities. On the streets we meet so often kissing couples szprycujących drug addicts or buskers. Another very important innovation in the series is the introduction of the ability to take over hideouts from enemy groups. After cleaning the position from opponents, we can give it into the possession of one of our colleagues, called Lieutenants, leading to a variety of bonuses, for example. The ability to call the motorist meals, which will help in the fight against us chasing rivals, or the ability to bribe law enforcement officers to stop annoying pursuit. There has also been a greatly expanded range of options for the main character. Equipped with Lincoln include, among other things, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, machine guns and grenades, but two types of weapons can only use the hero at the moment. In the game there was also the possibility of using shields and dynamic combat, including options to brutally stun enemies. Not without importance for the game is also the possibility of conducting fire while driving, the model has also improved significantly, and the same rage to undergo improvements and modifications. The Mafia III on the PC Windows developers opted for the combined regeneration system health. The life bar is divided into three segments that regenerate when not depleted to zero, and when this happens it remains for us to use the kits. In contrast to the previous two views of the cycle, in which the predominant theme is adventure, Mafia III is quite a noticeable shift towards sandboksowości, even proper GTA series. Despite the Take-Two Interactive, the company's developers benefited both teams but only with original solutions, both in gameplay and technical issues.

Mafia III PC Free Download
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Mafia III PC

Game Producer:
Hangar 13
Game publisher:
2K Games
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CPU: Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / FX-8320
GPU: GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870
OS: Win 7 64
DX: DX 11
HDD: 50 GB

Additional information

The story in Mafia III is stylized as a TV documentary about the old accounts of legendary gangsters. We learn with interest the first, well-drawn details and witness the real emotions of people who reveal dramatic events. When there is a reconstruction of events, and we play the role of the main character, as the events unfold, we lose the desire for a further screening - routine and repetition take over.

Mafia III The atypical story, divided into films from court tapes, interviews with witnesses and other cutscenes, intrigues and creates a unique atmosphere from the beginning that immediately draws you into the whirlwind of events. After a really fantastic prologue, the reality turns out to be a bit different. The rest of the story is given in installments as a reward for conquering new districts of the city and not very original missions scattered all over the map.

The previous parts of the series - especially the unsurpassed first Mafia - were distinguished by a series of fictionalized tasks that eventually merged into the story of gangster life. Mafia III The streets and buildings around acted as a living background. In the latest installment, the creators made a surprising decision - they reduced the openness of the world and optional activities to the form of obligatory steps to be fulfilled. Necessary to get to the next fragments of the story.

In this form, Mafia III is closer to the Saints Row series. The gameplay is based on expanding the gangster empire and taking over districts, and the story begins as an addition later in the game - a cut-scene from carefree extermination. In Mafia, the heart has always been a thrilling story with a captivating atmosphere of old movies, not the hours spent running around the streets and repetition.

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