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Monster Hunter World The next installment in the popular RPG action RPG series developed by Capcom is primarily based on Nintendo and Sony consoles and handhelds. In the world of Monster Hunter plot, he does not play a particularly important role, and the player takes only the title of monster hunter, whose task is to investigate the mysteries of the continent known as the New World and kill powerful beasts inside turns incoming orders. The game gives us a huge open world to traverse on foot and on the back of a harrowing beast. However, the game's focus isn't on exploration, it's on taking down more beasts, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Clashes take place in real time and during this time we use the expanded arsenal of white weapons, ranged weapons and various gadgets. Success isn't just a tactic, it's also the ability to use terrain topography. Monster Hunter World Download for PC In the Windows PC Monster Hunter World, the movie does not play a particularly important role. The player takes on the role of the titular monster hunter, whose task is to investigate the newly discovered continent known as the "New World" and learn its secrets, as well as increasingly powerful beasts as part of the implementation of new orders taken as the adventure progresses condense. Monster Hunter World is the next installment in the popular RPG action series, Capcom. The production initially only appeared on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The release of the PC edition took place some time later. It's also interesting that this is the first game in the series to debut in both Japan and Western markets at the same time.

Monster Hunter World PC Download

Monster Hunter World gives us a huge open world where we can wander on foot and on the back of a creature that already exists. The diversification of the different areas makes the daily newspapers more pleasant and the possibility of climbing in the surroundings. However, the gameplay is not exploration, and elimination of various beasts. Each opponent has an individual set of strengths and weaknesses - a victory on the battlefield thus ensures close monitoring of the opponent's behavior and developing the appropriate tactics, taking into account not only his weaknesses, but also the growing topography and vegetation on the battlefield. This allows us to hide in thick and tall grass, for example, if necessary. Also, the land has been designed to look like a living ecosystem. So there are no obstacles to bringing two creatures together and thus weakening or even destroying the mission without leaving the safe hiding place. Clashes take place in real time and throughout the game we use both the extensive arsenal of white weapons, and a wide range of long-range weapons, and various gadgets such as the hook with a hook, which allows you to quickly jump to the goal. Of course, there is a system of character development, the combat potential of which is increased by providing it with more and more powerful armor and armor. In addition, the defeated fallen opponents are the source of resources to obtain weapon and armor improvements based on an extensive crafting system.

Monster Hunter World PC Download Free
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CPU: Core i5-4460 3.2GHz / FX-6300
GPU: GeForce GTX 760 / Radeon R7 260X v3
OS: Win 7 64
HDD: 50 GB

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Monster Hunter World made its debut in 2004 and was available exclusively on PlayStation 2. After three years, the Japanese released a sequel that only came to the Land of the Rising Sun, then began the golden period for Nintendo and mobile fans. Subsequent installments of the main series landed only on small consoles or did not even leave Japan, so last year's Monster Hunter World announcement touched the players for a reason. Capcom finally decided to offer the big beasts to fans around the world, and "The World" in the title is not without reason.

Monster Hunter World The creators have done their homework by eliminating unnecessary systems from the game, preparing an appropriate introduction and teaching "hurdles" how to find themselves in this universe. The game not only refreshes the mechanics, but above all shows that Monster Hunter can offer a ton of satisfaction. Monster Hunter World is the perfect title for people unfamiliar with the realities of the series, who want to experience delight. Capcom was well aware that when offering a game for new systems, it must show the brand to new customers and adapt it to the realities and, at the same time, the expectations of a very wide audience. It is for this reason that the latest installment of the series is not characterized by the familiar, rough and tiring beginning that the owners of small Nintendo consoles know well, playing at night in the previous parts.

Monster Hunter World The developers knew that their beasts would hit the devices of players who, after five painful defeats, would throw a tile at Internet auctions, so they decided to prepare a full-fledged story that would aim to attract "fresh" and show the basics. This is not the first story mode in the history of the universe, but it is undoubtedly so extensive with complex cinematic inserts and even a tolerable story. The adventure will not take away the crowds, the scriptwriters will not get Oscars, and Janusz will not tell his children about these events. This is an adventure that is typical to the pain and predictable from beginning to end, which, however, meets its objectives - introduces you to the world of the game.

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