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MU Legend for PC Download The action takes place on the title, mythical continent, about which the world heard through the cause of James Church. He claimed that more than fifty thousand years ago there was an advanced Naacal civilization on Earth that inhabited this land. However, its end was put down by a cataclysm which resulted in a similar fate to Atlantis – it was absorbed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The controversial Churchward theories were of course developed by Korean developers and enriched with fantastic elements. The game tells the story of a war that raged for a thousand years between Rugard, or God of Light, and Sekneum – the God of Destruction. The latter was defeated by the Supreme Creator – Akneria. The idyll, however, did not last long – soon afterwards he accepted the human shell to once again return to the world of mortals. His great intentions were inspected by the Great Magus Kundun, who imprisoned him in his own body to finally bring peace. In the end, however, he surrendered to his power and was already awakened as the Lord of Darkness, which ravages the world standing at the beginning of the apocalypse. At this point players enter, playing the Devias knights, accompanying the last sage Icarus. Their task is to save Him from total destruction.


Download MU Legend for PC free InstallShield

MU Legend DownloadWe start the fun at MU Legend on the PC platform by choosing the class of the character we run. There are various specialties at our disposal: Dark Lords are dark knights who have devoted part of their humanity in exchange for great power; Whisperers are excellent scouts equipped with ranged weapons and the ability to wield the forces of nature, which allows them to quietly eliminate almost any target; Bladers are brutal warriors drawing strength from endless fury; War Mages, in turn, are the creators of extremely powerful battle spells, capable of sowing chaos in the ranks of the enemy with the help of elemental magic.

The next step is to start the right adventure. The action is presented in an isometric view, and the game was based on the exploration of various places, performing plot and side missions, and fighting against the opponents encountered. Both standard adversaries and their stronger brothers, appearing in the role of bosses, are on our way. As we progress, we gain experience points, in exchange for which we develop the hero’s statistics and teach him more and more powerful skills. The whole is complemented by a guild system that allows you to create your own grouping or join an already existing one. Interesting varieties are special locations – visiting them provides access to unique equipment.

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I am talking about Rift, i.e. randomly generated labyrinths, in which there are swarms of opponents; Endless Tower, or the challenges developed for high-level heroes; and also about Lupa’s Labirynth tempting with powerful relics that guarantee various bonuses, which are difficult to gain by the presence of powerful adversaries. MU Legend implements both game variants based on PvE rules, as well as modes focused on multiplayer duels with other players (PvP). The latter can consist of clashes between two up to ten teams or one-on-one matches in which we face other players’ characters controlled by artificial intelligence. It is worth noting that such skirmishes take place on specially prepared arenas.


OS: WinXP SP3, Win7(32-bit) SP1 and above.
CPU: Intel Quad Core / AMD Phenom II X4 and above.
RAM: 3GB and above.
GPU: Geforce 8800GT / Radeon HD4850 and above.

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