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New World An MMORPG production developed by the team at Amazon Game Studios. In New World, players find themselves in an open world inspired by the atmosphere of the 17th century American colonies. Players can choose any path, cooperate with others or go it alone. New World is an MMORPG game by Amazon Game Studios set in an alternate version of the 17th century. Although the team consists mostly of experienced developers, the game went through a smooth production process and suffered several delays. Actions such as attacking, dodging and running require stamina, which quickly depletes but also regenerates as long as we have a moment to rest. Firearms are also available to us. However, death during gameplay is not penalized in any way. The combat system is skill and can be associated with the Dark Souls series. New World Download for PC In New World we find ourselves in a world inspired by the aesthetics and atmosphere of the American colonies of the 17th century. The action of the game takes place on the fictional island of Aeternum. The mysterious substance that Azoth finds there is both a source of great power and the cause of all calamities and plagues. The mysteries of the flood are also guarded by the magical forces of nature and its ancient inhabitants. We play the role of a shipwrecked man who has to deal with this dangerous world. The heart of the game are the huge siege battles. They are played both in PvP mode, where a hundred players face off, and in PvE mode - then fifty players fight against three times larger forces controlled by artificial intelligence. There are siege engines, wall-mounted traps, and a system of battle points that you can use to purchase various temporary boosters.

New World PC Download

New World is an MMORPG with an open sandbox world that is largely player-driven. We can cultivate land and extract materials from animals and plants, craft tools and weapons, build buildings and even entire settlements. Each territory can be managed both visually and financially, for example by levying its own taxes. The country is constantly changing - the passage of time is also visible in the change of seasons. New World features high-level three-dimensional graphic design. The title works on the basis of proprietary technology - the makers have managed to integrate both a detailed environment and refined character models or complex particle effects. The whole thing is complemented by atmospheric music. The production of Amazon Studios attaches great importance to social aspects, the best example of which is the integration with Twitch. Players can choose any path, cooperate with others or choose the path of loners, but it's worth noting that we get the biggest profits when we work together with others on the most dangerous tasks. The land is full of supernatural creatures and wild animals, and you can optionally fight with other players. Who we can challenge depends on the faction we choose: we have at our disposal marauders, a cunning syndicate, or a noble and legitimate alliance. Belonging to a faction also allows you to benefit from the territories it controls.

New World PC Free Download
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Game Producer:
Amazon Games
Game publisher:, Inc.
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OS: Windows® 10 64-bit
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-2400 / AMD CPU with 4 physical cores @ 3Ghz
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 670 2GB / AMD Radeon R9 280 or better
DirectX: Version 12
HDD: 35 GB

Additional information

New World is an MMO game, so even after a dozen or so days of fun, I won't be able to show you everything. In each such production, the so-called end-game, which is what we do after reaching the maximum level of experience - in this case 60. So I will focus on discussing everything I saw and confronting it with other games of this genre. I look at "New World" a bit through the prism of World of Warcraft, which I have played addicted to for 4 years, but in my life I have also tried many other games of this type. Star Wars: The Old Republic, Runes of Magic, Metin2 or even ancient Tibia are no strangers to me. MMOs released in the last five years could not attract me to the screen for longer. It was either the construction of the world or the mechanics that failed, or fatal quests or the visuals. It is completely different in New World, which makes me very happy. Amazon has done a great job. It is impossible to describe every issue in this text, but you can be sure that with time I will come back to you with new texts.

New World starts quite classic. We land on the menu, where we can read about the latest updates or find out about the next actions of the developers. After selecting the "continue" option, we can see the regionalization of servers to which we would potentially like to log in. Click on one of them and jump to the character editor. This one is very simple. We choose the face, complexions, scars, freckles, facial hair or hair. At the end, we enter the name and we can go on board our great galleon, which will help in discovering a fortune that has never been made before. Then an interesting cut-scene, describing the story events, starts. New World has been fully polonized, which means subtitles and dubbing in Polish. I have no major objections to the votes. It's a nice change, although the story is not very extensive and is only a small fragment of the whole. We'll get to that in a moment.

In New World, we land on a huge island called Aeternum. We were the only ones to survive the wrecked ship. Apart from the captain, almost all of our crew died in cruel torments. We get up from the marshy beach in skimpy clothes only to see a wounded commander kidnapped by some unknown, paranormal forces. After a while, one of the creatures jumps at us and an interesting sequence begins, demonstrating the basics of sword fighting. In New World, the creators have created an interesting combination of mechanics, which depends largely on our dexterity, placing blocks, dodging or aiming from a distance with various weapons of larger or smaller caliber. There is no automatic aiming like in World of Warcraft or Runes of Magic. We must constantly stay close to the attacked opponent or hit him with a bow or weapon, without any support. I consider it a huge advantage, because it makes the game more interesting and engaging.

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