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NieR Automata Third-person action game with RPG elements, which is adopted to a full-fledged sequel to the heat production Studio Cavia from 2010. For the second part of the game got another manufacturer, known under the Bayonetta Platinum Games Team series, but the director of the project was Taro Yoko, who held the same role in the original production. The game is set in the far future where earth was destroyed during the war with the deadly machines. When mankind found their safe haven on the moon, a battle was addressed on their behalf called the intelligent androids. Yorha, who has powers associated with the older generation of androids, confronts rogue machines. Automata done protagonist Nier new pair of protagonists, but during the game we also meet characters from the first part of the series, and feature two stories together. In terms of the mechanics of the game, however, it does not differ from its original offer an attractive combination of slasher with elements of magic and RPG. NieR Automata Download for PC Nier: Automata is issued on the Windows PC platform action RPG Nier, a 2010 sequel. It suitable for the creation Studio Platinumgames, known under the Vanquish or Bayonetta series. The team did not manage to be a true original, but the director of the project was Yoko Taro, the man who held the same role, among other things, the production of the first and views Nier game Drakengard. As a result, despite changing the title, the developer kept the predecessor.

NieR Automata PC Download

Action Nier: Automata is in the far future. The vision presented by the authors of that time should not be optimistic. Invasion of alien civilization wiped out humanity from the face of the earth, and the survivors took shelter in lunar bases. The campaign tells the story of a female android named YoRHa No.2 Type B, built by the inhabitants of the moon. The warrior is sent to the planets with the task of reflecting off the enemy's hands. The mission was accompanied by its Android scout YoRHa No 9 Model S. Released for Windows PC platform Nier: Automata is an action RPG in which the events are observed from a third person perspective. The game primarily focuses on transforming battles against hordes of enemies with extensive combat system. In combat we use a variety of techniques, weapons and skills. From time to time we also have to face the powerful bosses. Fun diversified stages like the game shoot 'em up. The game world is an open structure, allowing players to explore the post-apocalyptic earth freely. Most of the time is spent on traversing the place on foot, but you can also ride on the backs of animals, and in some missions there is an option to control down.

NieR Automata PC Download Free
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CPU: Intel Core i3 2100 or AMD A8-6500
OS: Windows 7 /8.1 /10 64bit
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 VRAM 2GB or AMD Radeon R9 270X VRAM 2GB
HDD: 50 GB

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NieR Automata has reminded me of the work of a Polish science fiction writer more than once. The automaton was set in the year 11944. For many years, mankind has struggled with the invasion of a foreign race of machines. The lost war forced the last representatives of the people to flee to the moon. The interests of our cradle are now defended by androids sent to fight from the lunar base, and the resistance movement having its camps on Earth. Created in the image of humans, androids are to defeat machines and prepare the planet for the safe return of our race. This is all you need to know when starting Niera. The emotional rollercoaster awaits you, and one of the best stories you can witness on the current generation of consoles. No story has screwed me up like this since the time of the third Witcher.

NieR Automata If you played the first Niera, I am in a hurry to announce that the game is its direct continuation set many years later, and as you learn about the plot, everything forms a chronological whole. However, if you have poured simple piss on the "one", do not be afraid - the story told in the slot machine is self-sufficient. Knowing the original is not necessary, and in the game itself, you will often come across documents mentioning the events of years ago (both from Niera and the Drakengard series related to the universe). The backlogs can therefore be partially made up for. The charismatic Yoko Taro, whom I personally put on an equal footing with such creators as Kojima or Nomura, is responsible for the whole story again. The main character in the Automata is a sexy "android" 2B, loyal, focused on obeying orders and rarely reflecting on their moral aspects. The partnering 2B male 9S model is its opposite.

NieR Automata Craves companionship, often thinks about his own existence, and wants to feel what people used to call "emotions". Over time, we will also get to know other characters inhabiting the post-apocalyptic land, although I must admit that their psychological features are not as good as in the first part. I missed someone like Kaine or Emil, whose stories in the number one were very moving. I also missed Grimoire Weiss, who amused me to tears more than once with his pincers. As much as 2B can be liked, so emochłopek 9S looking like a fan of Tokio Hotel completely missed me. Fortunately, in the later phase of the game, the show is stolen by, among others, a pair of black characters and a lady, which I will not talk about due to spoilers. One's fans will also welcome the familiar faces with open arms, who will tell what happened to them over the years.

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