Pokemon Uranium Full Version Complete PC Download

Pokemon gained its popularity mainly to the portable Nintendo published regularly thunder. I admit, I’ve never had one of them, so I ran to the nefarious practices – emulators (I know I was a pirate Arrr.). In this way, I have hundreds of hours with Pokemon Red, Yellow, Silver, Ruby, and even diamonds. Those days are long gone from the scene, but the games themselves are etched for good in my consciousness. Maybe that’s why this is I Pokemon GO because know stop by a huge amount of time spent on previous productions have time to play, which will mean it.



Pokémon never debuted on the PC … until now. The network appeared only Fansite production Pokemon Uranium. This is a project of the supporters of the pocket created creatures – they spent with him to 9 years. At that time he made his debut a few new Pokémon games for the Nintendo and Game Freak. Nevertheless Uranium constantly evolving, until it was finally published in the best possible time – during the next boom in production caused Pokemon GO Niantic Labs.

Uranium is a kind of “fan fiction”, which was used to create powerful RPG Maker. The project is non-commercial and exclusively designed with passion – Industrial Services informed already quite a few years ago. Then Nintendo has no action. What happens now? The game is to use very much based on the work of the Japanese, the Pokemon brand, as well as the almost identical gameplay. In many ways it is similar to the official products confusingly. And it can become a major cause of problems makers. The Japanese company has repeatedly proved that it is not this type of action does not like. In general, however, he smothered it in the bud.

Pokemon Uranium Minimum Requirements
HDD: 263MB
CPU: Pentium II
OS: Windows 7


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