The Surge PC Download Free InstallShield

The Surge PC Download Free InstallShield

The Surge for PC Download Embedded in the realities of dark science fiction action RPG, for which the German team Deck 13 is responsible – the co-founder of the company called CI Games Lords of the Fallen. The action of the game was kept in a dystopian atmosphere. In a complex belonging to a powerful corporation there is a mysterious failure, as a result of which the machines turn against people. Play as a regular employee who, like most of his people today, benefits from the benefits of modern technology and the possibilities offered by fully modifiable exoskeletons. Gameplay is modeled on hits like Dark Souls and is characterized by a high degree of difficulty and considerable emphasis put on melee combat. The surgeon of The Surge is the original character development system. It was closely related to the fight, because during it we can detach individual parts of enemies, and then mount them in our own exoskeleton.


Download The Surge for PC free InstallShield

The Surge DownloadIn contrast to the mentioned title, the plot of the game was kept in a dystopian atmosphere straight from a science-fiction novel. The action runs 60-70 years into the future, presenting a world in which the excessive exploitation of resources has led almost to the fall of humanity. With the development of machines, most of the occupations performed so far by people have become unnecessary. So those who survived, are increasingly forced to leave overcrowded cities and go to the province to look for a job.

The post-apocalyptic world is inhabited by people, mostly using popular exoskeletons, designed to improve performance and increase human capabilities. In the game, therefore, we play not a soldier-warrior, but an ordinary man with a modifiable exoskeleton – and more specifically Warren, a factory worker. After a mysterious outburst, Warren discovers that his previous colleagues have lost their senses and industrial robots began to behave aggressively. In this chaos, the protagonist is helped by a mysterious woman who, through communicators, offers him tips on events.

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The game action on the PC, PS4 and XONE platform was presented in a three-person perspective, and the game model itself is modeled on such titles as Lords of the Fallen or the cult series Dark Souls and has a relatively high level of difficulty. Despite the presence of modern technology and the mentioned exoskeleton, the fight still focuses on the use of different types of weapons – from ordinary pipes to futuristic ones, bristling with mace electricity. The authors retain the specific weight of the characters and blows from Lords of the Fallen, but they have accelerated and improved the game. One of the distinguishing elements of The Surge is the original and extremely developed system of creating objects and improvements, which has been quite closely related to the fight. During it, for example, we can target a specific limb of an opponent and take away the technology used by him. With such materials you can later create items for your own armor or upgrade your weapon. In addition, aiming at specific points of the opponent’s body allows capturing his weak points. After stuning the enemy in this way, we gain the opportunity to end the fight with a spectacular “finisher”.


OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: AMD FX-8320 (3,5 GHz) / Intel i5-4690K (3,5 GHz)
Memory: 8 GB RAM.
GPU: 1 GB, AMD Radeon R7 360 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti.
DirectX: Version 11.

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