The Black Death PC Download Free InstallShield

The Black Death PC Download Free InstallShield

The Black Death for PC Download is rooted in the reality of the medieval Europe MMORPG for PC Windows, which is a kind of simulator of survival in times of epidemics titled Black Death. Production is a joint work of two small studies of development: Syrin and small percussion. Obligations of the publisher took the team to each other Green Man Loaded, by well-known British distributors of video games owned by the company Green Man Gaming.



Download The Black Death for PC free InstallShield


The Black Death Download Like most sandbox simulators survive, the black death is free from the classic film plot. The game is set in medieval Europe, which is known in itself, it is not very safe and friendly place was. This time, however, we must face not only the typical problems of the era but also spread the mortal threat of plague throughout the continent.

The Black Death focuses exclusively on the fun of multiplayer action game with RPG elements, in particular, to focus on the aspect of survival. Fun finds in landscapes inspired by Western European open world with an area of ​​eight square kilkometrów, which can wander freely in the course of the game, a whole bunch of wild animals and NPCs come together with you in different interactions. Membership in a game, we take over the representative of one of the eight available professions, and this choice in a fairly significant way dictates the style of the game. We can play as a typical knight whose task it is to fight and defend the innocent people, as well as a simple farmer who concentrates on the growing role.

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One of the characteristics of Black Death is a fairly strong emphasis placed on elements of survival. In addition, perform the following tasks and while doing fun, we are afraid to contact people infected with title black death, as well as take care of the basic needs of our character. So we can hunt to collect crops or simply steal the resources we need (although also exchange of goods between the players is available option). In the game world everything has its price, and the way to earn the necessary equipment – like swords and armor – depends on us only. The whole thing regulates the one, fairly simple relationship: the richer we are, the more our survival chances are greater. Later in the game, the more players can even take possession of their property.


Minimum Requirements:

CPU Speed: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8
Video Card: DirectX11 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM
Free Disk Space: 20 GB

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