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The Surge 2 is the second installment in the soulslike production series that was released in 2017. The production comes from the authors of the original, i.e. Studio Deck 13, which previously worked on the game Lords of the Fallen with the Polish team of CI Games. The Surge 2 takes us on a journey into the dark sci-fi universe created for the purposes of the first part of the series, in which machines have turned against humans. We meet the main character when his plane is shot down by a nanostorm over the suburbs of the city of Jericho. A few weeks later, the protagonist wakes up in a ruined prison and quickly realizes that the metropolis has descended into chaos - its streets are riddled with rebellious robots, prompting the military to declare martial law and leaving commoners to their fate. As if that wasn't enough, a mighty storm hung over Jericho. In The Surge 2, the action is shown from the third-person perspective (TPP). As we traverse huge locations, we're mostly engaged in fighting enemies. Equipped with an exoskeleton, the hero uses melee weapons, but he also has a combat drone at his disposal, the skillful use of which can change the fate of some duels.

The Surge 2 PC Download

The clashes are dynamic and their tactical sense is useful. We must closely monitor the movements of the opponents in order to find gaps in their defenses and repel their attacks as quickly as possible (if we also indicate the direction from which the attack is coming, we can counter). As in the first part of the series, it is also important to aim specifically at certain body parts of the opponent. By attacking an armored limb, we can cut it off to adopt a specific weapon or armament after the battle ends; By focusing on the vulnerability, we ensure the possibility of a quick kill. In the course of the game we collect so-called Modular Points, with which we can increase health, stamina and energy reserve (required to use the special abilities of individual elements of the armor). Also, the combat potential of the protagonist is increased with the help of special implants that give him various abilities. Also the aforementioned drone is prone to modifications, which makes it an increasingly indispensable support for us as the adventure progresses.

The Surge 2 Download Free
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The Surge 2 PC

Game Producer:
Deck13 Interactive
Game publisher:
Focus Entertainment / Focus Home Interactive
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OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
CPU: AMD FX-8320 (3.5 GHz) / Intel i5-4690K (3.5 GHz)
GPU: 2 GB, AMD Radeon R9 280 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950.
DirectX: Version 11.
HDD: 20 GB

Additional information

The Surge 2 I honestly admit that after the third souls-like game from our western neighbors, I expected an interesting, original and mysteriously realized storyline - in the first "Operation" it turned out quite tolerable, so it could only be better here, wasn't it ? We start our adventure in the post-apocalyptic world this time by creating our own character, because the creators gave up the creation of their own hero - with all due respect, but Warren was not charismatic.

The Surge 2 The served editor is quite rich in options, so everyone will be able to create more or less the avatar they want - although the freedom in choosing things such as color, hairstyle or clothing should be significantly expanded. When we get through this stage, we learn that we are the only survivor of the crash of a certain plane, and thus we fell into a coma and woke up in the prison operating room. Dozens of questions immediately arise here. What's happening? Why am I in prison as a survivor? Where are the doctors? What's all this chaos behind the walls?

The Surge 2 Finding the answers to them will not be so easy and, as you can guess, the whole thing gets a lot bigger as the events unfold. We learn that there is a state of emergency in the city and people are being pacified by an army that is trying to protect Jericho from people infected with a mysterious disease known as "defrag". What is our role in all of this? During the dream that contributed to our awakening, we saw a mysterious girl, whom we decide to find, because maybe she will be the key to explaining our story - I will not reveal more, so as not to spoil your fun.

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