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Wasteland 3 PC Download Free

Wasteland 3 is the next installment in the cult series of post-apocalyptic RPG games developed by independent studio inXile Entertainment. Compared to its predecessor, the production introduces many changes and improvements, including both the time and place of the action, as well as the gameplay itself. to receive at least $2.75 million. In Wasteland 3, the creators leave sandy Arizona for the ice-covered state of Colorado. The player takes on the role of a member of Team November, a branch of the Wasteland Rangers, who is given a mission crucial to the organization's existence - working alongside the Patriarch who rules the region, who is the only one available to the Rangers with the necessary resources. Unfortunately, the unit is ambushed along the way and most of its members are murdered. Those who managed to survive are trying to basically rebuild their position from scratch in an awkward place. The story told in the game will expand over time with new threads and numerous twists and turns, and the ending we see depends on the choices we make.

Wasteland 3 PC Download

The core of the gameplay in Wasteland 3 is exploration and combat against the enemies you encounter. Visiting the vast and dangerous territory has been improved with the implementation of a vehicle called Kodiak - it allows you to move around the world faster, and sometimes even helps us in battle. The latter is still based on the turn-based system, but has been enhanced with additional abilities that allow the use of more advanced tactics. Of course, not all problems are solved by violence - for the purposes of this title, the dialogue system has been rebuilt, which now resembles the scheme used in Torment: Tides of Numenera. Conversations can be conducted in many different ways and many skills can be used in the course of the conversation to achieve the intended goals. As in Wasteland 2, we also maintain the Ranger Base, but this time it plays a much bigger role and is an important part of the game world. As we play, we recruit more people, increasing the capabilities of our Operations Center - it's a place of rest, a source of resources, and even a prison for caught criminals. Moral choices and their standing with different factions also play an important role. The choices made by the player affect the course and ending of the game.

Wasteland 3 PC Download Free
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Game Producer:
inXile entertainment
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inXile entertainment
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OS: Windows 10.
CPU: Intel Core i5-3.3 GHz or better, or AMD Equivalent.
GPU: Nvidia GTX 760 or AMD Equivalent.
DirectX: Version 11.
HDD: 45 GB

Additional information

Wasteland 3 I just finished Wasteland 3 ten minutes ago, and I can now hand over my heart - shit, it was a wonderful adventure. I had the opportunity to review Desperados III over two months ago, which has many similarities to the production discussed today. Mimimi Games has proven that it can make titles with an isometric view to the maximum, but InXile Entertainment, led by Brian Fargo, showed that it can be done even better - you just need to put your whole heart into your latest project. Without unnecessary extension, I start describing the most important elements of Wasteland 3.

I will start with the storyline, which plays the first fiddle in the aforementioned turn. The gameplay begins with creating characters or selecting those prepared by the creators. I personally chose "ready" - I took control of a couple in love - Yurim and Spence. Wasteland 3 Both heroes are members of the November team, a squad of Desert Rangers, who are thrown into the deep at the very beginning. We are witnessing an attack by mysterious, apparently missing Dorsey, decimating elite soldiers. So the main task of the game is to build your fame, starting from scratch. We don't have good weapons, strong armor, comrades-in-arms or the resources needed to develop the characters, which causes the original plan of the Guardians to go to the bin.

Wasteland 3 After getting through the prologue, we get to know the main characters of Wasteland 3, not counting of course those chosen by us. Saul "Patriarch" Buchanan, as the person in power in post-apocalyptic Colorado, puts at our disposal the Guardian Headquarters, which is, so to speak, our base. Initially, it is a hovel, the rooms of which are only covered with cobwebs and boxes locked with special locks, but with each completed main and side quest, it gains charms. The Guardians' Headquarters includes an armory, dining room, operating room, prison, office, mini-museum, garage, and crew quarters. While the last room hardly changes at all, the rest of them do it, which can be seen with the naked eye each time they return from the mission.

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